The Media and Teen Violence

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Violent media should be censored from games, because it teaches that killing, bad words,disrespect, and sex is something that is actually good. Media should be used to entertain people and make them laugh. Have a good time. Most of the media is about violence, which influences to become rebellious. Teens start acting out on their parents and on society. Problems that we face now come from violent media.
Rap videos are bad influence to people in general. They show to many violence. It teaches that life is all about selling and buying drugs. Kids will eventually start smoking or consuming alcohol anyway possible. “They will feel awesome and superior to everyone else. Scenes of people consuming alcohol or smoking influence people to copy them. Hence, censoring such scenes serves as useful purpose(Buzzle article pros and cons of censorship). In the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe, the Roman Catholic practiced censorship. There are some rappers who talk about religion/god. Lil Wayne in one of his songs he says “ask you revender about me I’m the young god.” They compare to god because of how they have suffered in the streets. They compare that suffering to Jesus was on the cross. “Religious conflicts are avoided by the censorship of material deemed insulting or offensive to a particular religious community (buzzle article pros and cons of censorship) “Manson concerts are often grounds to bas religion and rip bible while fan chant we hate love, we love hate( Rap music also includes mistreat women. They treat them like if they were objects. That you should choose a women not by their feelings but actually by their body. “In contrast, women’s belief decreased and they felt that men were coming on too strong and being too aggressive (”
Videos games are also part of violent media. They are basically games where you rob, kill and they say a lot of bad words. This games make the player feel pleasure and happiness when they make a harm to someone in the game or a person in real life. Kids in the age of 10 to 17 are the ones who more attractive to games.. Many shoot outs and robs have been occurring society has been blaming violent video games for this. There is many games about war.

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For example in Medal of Honor in order to win points you have to kill the enemy. It uses a lot of foul language. Games like these are used on soldiers to train them to get them used to killing/harming other people. Also in the video game of Grand Theft Auto you have to rob a person in order to get a car. The only way you can get money is buy going into a club or someplace where there is many people and shoot them. Another way to obtain points is buy getting a prostitute into your car and killing her. All these games is causing our future teens to be more violent. “Correlational and experiment studies have related that violent video games lead to increases in in aggressive behavior and aggressive thinking and decreases in proscoal behavior(” “videogames like Grand Theft Auto turn the consequence into positive(Dr.Davies).”
There is also a kind of music called rock. This type of music mainly talks about hate, self-suicide and drugs. Rock music since it was created has been censored because it effects our moralities .It also adds new moralities. “ A sampling of lyrics from Marylin Manson include who says date rape isn’t fun…the house wife I will beat…and I slit my teenage wrist, among the others(” If a child who has really bad self-esteem and hears this kind of music will probably do something against themselves.” According to researches, music affects our mood in variety of ways. When we listen to a rhythm our heart actually begins to sync with it(” Rock music can give a special adrenaline and even make you more angry than before. Rock artist use drugs and the people who follow or admire them see it as something pretty normal it is accepted by most of society. They use mainly cocaine and heroin. All these things come out in magazines, the web, and television programs. Which are the simplest way kids get to find out about everything.
As there are people who are against violent media; there’s people who aren’t. people may see censoring in rap videos music as going against the first amendment freedom of speech. “It prevents the free flows of ideas (”Most rappers are African American if rap music is being censored more they make think they are being discriminated, and another problem may occur. It makes it harder for parents to talk to teens about sex-related topics. For example all the different kind of diseases. When people are prohibited to see or know something they become eager to know. They will find a way to see and learn everything possible. “It gives rise to and hides abuse of human rights(buzzlearticle).” “While many argue that this dangerous for children to hear, we know that a modern teenager often faces, violence, drugs, suicide, pregnancy, and other aspects of this kind of music(”.Women have been discriminated since a long time ago. Women were not able to study or even vote. All of this started changing by the past 50yrs or so.
Many people are opposed of video games being censored. They don’t think by playing violent games makes society more violent. “Media violence specifically video games are not a major risk factor for violence(” When they play video games the player creativity opens up. In some videos games you are actually able to interact with other people. Mes and they have made no harm to anyone.Many important people in our society play video g“Censorship in books, plays, and movies may compromise their entertainment value(buzzle article pros and cons of censorshiop).” If halo is censored people may think aliens do actually exist and think the government is hiding stuff from society. Like the area 51 it’s said that it’s a military base where weapons are created and is under high enforcement military. When actually everyone knows its where they keep aliens and related stuff.
“Governments should not control the people. It should be the other way around(buzzle article pros and cons of censorship).” “People have a right to know(buzzle article pros and cons of censorship).” They should learn how to use censorship judiciously.
Rock music to some people means a way to express how they fell. IT helps people release stress and anger. In rock music it talks about how they fell abused ignored by society or their own family. Society has created a group called R.O.C(Rock Out Censorship). Which actually has became an international organization in 18 sates representatives. This organizations is stating that our rights are being violated and its time to speak up. There is actually some rock music that talks about religion. The way they fell towards it. “Religious fundamental like the Taliban use them to coerce the population(buzzle article pro and cons of censoring music).” Even though rock music can have harsh words most of what is being said can’t be fully understand some even argue that they are just words. They are like poetry written on a piece of paper. “One of the most effective ideas proposed is as simple as people accept that this music is an art form and means of self-expression and emotional release and treat it as such (The effects of violent media content on teens).”
There is still a major conflict between media being censored. This has been a major conflict since 1934. Every country uses censorship both democratic and non-democratic. As technology keeps advancing more censorship is being accrued. Pretty soon our whole society will be changed. Things will give a whole 360 turn due to the censorship and technology. Hopefully when media is censored there will be less violent and more respect in our whole society.

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