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Philosophy is the study of examining and thinking about questionable ethical problems and/or generally accepted certainties. Philosophy aims at knowledge that combines a variety of academic fields as well as convictions, prejudices and beliefs.
What is Russell’s essay about? Present Russell’s position in your own words.
Bertrand Russell’s essay addresses many issues concerning philosophy. In the writing, he states philosophy’s nature, value, and criticisms. The essay explains these aspects of the study of philosophy in relatively different ways. The main idea for establishing value in his essay is by explaining how it is best obtained, and its effect on other people. The essay continues with his criticisms of those who opposed philosophy and live their lives based on concrete, solid facts. He addresses these figures as the ‘practical men’. Almost as an opposition to the practical man is the idea of the instinctive man, whose interests are natural and private. The foundation of philosophy is stated in his essay by differentiating philosophy from science (science has absolute answer, philosophy doesn’t), and he defines the nature of learning philosophy. Overall, Russell’s position in this essay is that philosophy is worth studying and is beneficial for people through philosophical contemplation and questions.
Outline the principle arguments made in support of Russell’s opinion. How is each argument supported by facts or evidence?
In the conclusion of the essay Russell outlines, clarifies and summarizes his primary arguments in the support of his thesis. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give many evidence that is factual, yet that is the nature of the subject, he is a philosopher and these are only theories. The position ...

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...philosophy would be useful. Explain.
Situations that philosophy would be useful in my life are to do with important decisions that informing an opinion about would be very helpful such as career options, place to live, and motivational use. To form a philosophy would be very helpful for me when deciding a career because without a preference I would have the same path in life as everyone else or none at all. In deciding on a place to live when I’m older a philosophy will be crucial in deciding what I find is ideal in a living space and location. To gather motivation you have to have goals and to have a philosophy such as ‘you should do what you have to do now, to do what you want later.’ Philosophy is probably the most important in the times for me to make the most important decisions in your life. It will separate me from the rest, and define my originality.

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