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The Story begins on a beach with three young children playing. Violet, 14, inventor; Klaus, 12, amateur researcher; and Sunny, baby, professional biter who has not totally developed speech. When they arrive to the beach it is a cloudy foggy overcast day. Violet is spending her time here skipping rocks, Klaus is studying tide pools and Sunny is just enjoying her time being at the beach with her older siblings. Even though it is not the greatest day in the world, the children are enjoying their time spent here at their favorite place. No other people are here on beach and this gives the children a place to be alone with their imagination. While playing a gentleman is approaching, but with the fog it scares the children because they cannot see who walks beneath the fog. As the figure gets closer they start to figure out who it is. The strange figure that lurked in the fog is Mr. Poe a friend of the family. Mr. Poe comes over to the children playing and explains to the children that their parents have perished in a fire that destroyed their home. Mr. Poe explains to the children that they will have to live with his family temporarily until he can figure out a plan as to where they will go.

Mr. Poe takes the children to his home where they are to stay until he has looked through the will in which Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire have included a Guardian clause to their will. It states in will that the Children are to stay with a relative. Mr. Poe is the Executor of the Baudelaire fortune and decided Count Olaf is where the children will go after Mr. Poe finished making the arrangements. He Chose Count Olaf because he is the closest family member in the area and does not want the children to be out of their realm. He wanted the children to be ...

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...g their unique skills to think up a solution to end “The Marvelous Marriage”. Just as Count Olaf thinks he has succeeded, Violet explains that she is right handed and used her left hand to sign the document which is an illegal signature. Making this marriage the document null and void. Sunny is rescued, and Count Olaf's true ideas is revealed in front of the entire crowd. The lights then go out and the Theatre troupe and Count Olaf sneak out of the Theatre. Mr. Poe was out in the Theatre during the show and saw the entire fiasco. He explains to the children that they will be moving back in with him until he can figure out another plan with family member. As, they pull off into the night the car seems to be riding “aberrant” which means very, very wrong, causing much grief”-------direction. It seems that Count Olaf got to the car prior to them leaving the Theatre.

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