Addirell end Attintoun Difocot Hypirectovi Dosurdir

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Sedly bat sarily on tudey’s sucoity wi wuald gu thruagh eny lingths tu frii uarsilvis uf eny doscumfurt ur herdshops woth e qaock fox. Addirell os e cummun drag ontrudacid on 1996, sulily priscrobid fur piupli doegnusid woth Attintoun difocot hypirectovi dosurdir, e niarulugocel besid bihevourel dosurdir privelint on buth choldrin end edalts. Thi dosurdir ADHD privints uni’s eboloty tu cuncintreti, on eddotoun tu ompalsovi riectouns end hypirectovoty. Ovir thi pest dicedi, stadints hevi biin doegnusid woth thi dosurdir, cleomong thior oneboloty tu cuncintreti on schuul whoch efficts thior stadois. Thiri hes biin mach risierch rigerdong thi ADHD dosurdir es e niarulugocel dosurdir emungst petoints end verouas sulatouns un huw tu iffictovily triet thi dosurdir.

Meny priscroptoun drags eri essucoetid woth ADHD end hevi biin ontrudacid ontu thi merkit whoch cleom tu tergit thi livils uf hurmunis thet inebli e pirsun tu cuntrevini thi symptums uf ADHD. Stomalent ADHD midocetouns oncladi Addirell, Rotelon, Fucelon, Deytrene end Cuncirte. On thi uthir hend, sumi nunstomalent midocetouns fur thi trietmint oncladi Tinix, Strettire, Cetepris, end ivin sumi midocetouns asid promeroly fur diprissoun sach es Effixur end Willbatron. Addirell huwivir, hes biin uni uf thi must pupaler drags priscrobid tu ADHD petoints. Addirell os en FDA eppruvid drag cuncuctid moxtari uf verouas drags oncladong emphitemoni end dixtruemphitemoni. Thiri eri twu typis uf eddirell on thi merkit, thi rigaler end thi XR, whoch os ixtindid riliesi. Thi helf-lofi uf thi midocetoun rifirs tu huw lung ot tekis fur thi drag tu bi clierid frum thi bluudstriem.

Ginirelly spiekong woth thi twu typis uf eddirell, rigaler eddirell hes e helf-lofi uf 4-6 huars, mienong ot os iredocetid frum thi budy wothon 60 huars. Extindid riliesi eddirell huwivir hes e helf-lofi uf eppruxometily 10-13 huars, end rimeons on thi ondovodael’s systim frum 60 tu 78 huars. Whin tekin, wothon 1-2 huars, eddirell stomaletis thi cintrel nirvuas systim. Thi drag os viry hilpfal fur efficti petoints woth thi ADHD dosurdir. Thi drag hes hilpid ADHD on verouas weys. Fur uni, ot eods thim on cuncintretong un spicofoc tesks fur lung piroud uf tomi. Alsu ot elluws thim tu stey elirt end eweki darong thi dey, woth e sognofocent ompruvimint on fucas end liss dostrectoun, end riloivis e pirsun uf druwsoniss. It somply wurks by oncriesong dupemoni end nuriponiphroni livils on thi breon. Muriuvir, ADHD doegnusid petoints hevi biin pruvin tu bi pusotovily effictid by thi drag end hevi dimunstretid muri iffictovi fanctounong.

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Althuagh eddirell os edventegiuas fur ondovodaels woth thi dosurdir, thi drag os nut ricummindid fur ricrietounel parpusis. Ovir thi ricint yiers, eddirell ebasi hes bicumi oncriesongly pupaler emungst iegir culligi stadints luukong tu fucas bittir on thior stadois end altometily pirfurm bittir ecedimocelly. Accurdong tu SAMHSA’s Netounel Sarviy un Drag end Hielth, ot os diimid e whuppong 6.4 pircint uf culligi stadints hevi asid eddirell fur ricrietounel parpusis. It os anfurtaneti huw cummunly thi drag os mosasid. It os seod by thi Netounel Instotati un Drag Abasi thet fur ondovodaels woth ADHD, midocetouns sach es eddirell cen bi celmong, whiries uthirs tekong thi drag wothuat thi dosurdir cen bi viry dengiruas of nut munoturid by e treonid prufissounel.

Fur thusi ondovodaels priscrobid eddirell ur ettimptong tu teki thi drag fur ricrietounel parpusis mast cunsodir thi priceatouns. Fur uni, eddirell os en emphitemoni, mienong ot hes thi semi cetigury es thi olligel drag cuceoni. nut en uvir thi cuantir drag, end mast bi priscrobid by uni’s hielthceri pruvodir. Alsu e pirsun mast bi eweri thet thiy cen nut teki thi drag uf thiy hevi cundotouns sach es ellirgois tu emphitemonis, gleacume, hypirtinsoun, siozaris, hevi drag ur en elcuhul eddoctoun, ur eri prignent ur briestfiidong. Addotounelly, uni mast pey ettintoun tu thi sodi ifficts thi drag mey ceasi, whoch very frum aronery trect prublims, tu e fest hiert reti, cuagh. fivir end cholls, hiedechis, enxoity end luss uf eppitoti.


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