Creative Writing: A Love Story

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"Ok, now let's see what you can do with this pistol alright" I gave her five shells to load and told her, "always leave the hammer on an empty chamber for your safety" I stood behind her and watched as she took aim not expecting her to hit any of the targets. Boy was I wrong, with every shot a target flew through the air with a hole dead center. After she unloaded the pistol she motioned for me to give her more ammo. I gave her five more shells, she loaded the gun, aimed and fired with the same results. After this round was over I motioned for her to sit down a minute. Brenda was smiling and said, "how did I do" "You were great and where did you learn to shoot that way" I use to target pratice, remember I told you that" "yes I remember, but did not expect you to be so good" "Big things come in small packages she laughed. I laughed with her and said, "let's see how you do with a rifle now" I walked out about two-hundred feet and set up four targets for her and said, "all your's" Brenda steadied herself and aimed, missed the first one, raised the rifle again, and took a shot. The target went flying through the air flipping over and over. "Not bad, now and let's see if you can keep it going" I told her. She hit the other two and raised the rifle again, and I stopped her and said, "what are you shooting at" "The one I missed of course" The other target she hit knocked the down she missed so I let her have her way. She cocked the rifle, brought it up to aim and fired. Sure enough that target went down. "You are amazing and is there anything else I do not know about you smiling" "Oh there is a lot but that would take the mystery of of it wouldn't it", grinning. "I suppose and we have plenty of time to find out those things my dear" As we walked back to the cabin we held hands like two lovers that were sneaking around behind their parents back. The rest of the day we just sat on the porch and made small talk with one another. Every-now-and-then she would look at me and smile. Brenda started humming a little tune and I watched her rocking back and forth keeping time to it.

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It was so relaxing and peaceful. I was watching the horizon and the Sun was about an hour from setting and a chill was going to be in the air tonight. "Do you want me to build a small fire for tonight" I asked? "No, lets just keep one another warm tonight and snuggle. I may have another surprise for you tonight that will not be a mystery in the morning" I just sat there thinking of how I felt about her and the lost feelings that did not hurt anymore. I was given a second chance in life with Brenda and I was happy. I could stop blaming myself for the tradgey that had happened and I was hopeing that Brenda had moved on also. At least she seemed to have to me. "Hey, let's go to the Hot Spring for awhile and soak up some of that heated water" "Give me a few minutes and I will be ready but there is something I have to tend to first" "What is it darling" "Is there anything I can do to help you" "No this is a man's job and I have to do it alone" She was curious now and curiousity is a woman's style I suppose. "Get ready and go ahead of me and I will join you in a few minutes. "Ok" she said. I watched her go up the path behind the cabin and get in the spring to soak. I went into the cabin into the room where my firearms were kept and unlocked a small box I had in my gun safe. Inside was a ring that had been in my family for such a long time and I put it in hand and joined her. "That didn't take long" "No this is something I have wanted to do before now but I was waiting for the right time to do it. "What is it" I sat down beside her and said, "Brenda, I am not one for fancy things or stuff like that but want you to know how much I really do feel about you. What I am about to give you if you will accept it has now been with anyone else. It is pure and virgin and no other person has used it for generations within my family" I opened my hand and there was a diamond ring as if it was brand new out of the jewelers. She looked at it and I cold see her cheeks blush and a soft sigh came from those beautiful lips. I could see her heart pounding in her chest under her wet top. She looked at the ring but did not reach for it. I asked "is there anything wrong" "No" she finally said and held out her hand for me to put in on. I slipped it on her right index finger and it was as if it was made just for her, a pefect fit. "I do not know what to say except that I love you so much" "That is all I wanted to hear darling" I said. I want you to be happy, and I promise that I will always be for you no matter what comes our way" I will never leave or forsake you and promise to be faithful always.

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