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In recent years, the political and religious movement that sought to integrate theories competing with the theory of evolution into the curriculum of various schools in the US. The theory that was offered was the theory of “intelligent design”, which even though not explicitly religious, makes for a theory much more compatible with religion than evolution. The danger of this move was that it was trying to dismiss a legitimate scientific theory as just one among the existing theories – an equal rival in pursuit of true explanation. However, what the advocates of this measure were actually doing is to equate scientific theory with a vastly inferior narrative about the world. It was, therefore, necessary for an author like Coyne (2009) to write a book titled Why Is Evolution True? To show what exactly is meant by the term of a scientific theory and when we can say that something is actually true. The theory of evolution is precisely that kind of theory because it has been confirmed in every situation in which its predictions were tested and the evidence for it lies in the fossil record, comparative anatomy, embryology, molecular biology and biogeography.
The theory of evolution is quite sophisticated scientific theory that has received a lot of misinterpretation and distortion. However, it can be explained very simply by integrating several important concepts into one definition. Coyne (2009, p. 3) sums up the entire theory in one sentence, “Life on Earth evolved gradually beginning with one primitive species—perhaps a selfreplicating molecule—that lived more than 3.5 billion years ago; it then branched out over time, throwing off many new and diverse species; and the mechanism for most (but not all) of evolutionary change is natural...

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...ution is the correct way to explain the facts of life in the world. For these reasons, the theory of evolution is a prime example of advanced scientific theory that can by no means be equated with pseudoscientific claims that serve nothing but various forms of propaganda.

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