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Shakespeare has been known to create terrific tales of love and tragedy. Even James Van Der Beek, a well known actor from Dawson's Creek, once commented that, “like all great romantics, Shakespeare realized love was a lot more likely to end with a bunch of dead Danish people than with a kiss”("Americans on the Bard"). This emphasizes how easily people can relate Shakespeare to tragic love. Although he did write many poems and plays with happy endings, his tragedies stand out the most. In these tragedies, people are often led through use of misconception, trickery, or both. An example of misconception can be shown by another of Shakespeare's plays, “Antony and Cleopatra,” as he wrote for Antony's part, “this foul Egyptian hath betrayed me: my fleet hath yielded to the foe; and yonder they cast their caps up and carouse together like friends long lost. Triple-turn'd whore!”(Shakespeare Web). In this quote, Antony is blaming his love, Cleopatra, for betraying him by drawing back the Egyptian fleet, when in reality it was his own soldier, Scarus, that had claimed that the fleet was weak and called them away. Shakespeare's play, “Othello, the Moor of Venice” is no exception to the use of trickery and misconceptions as one of the main characters, Othello, falls from grace through a series of tragic events.
The first event that heads Othello to the path of tragedy and destruction is when he first shows signs of distress and regret over an unproven testimony. This occurs after Iago states:

I speak not yet of proof. Look to your wife. Observe her well with Cassio. Wear your eye thus, not jealous nor secure. I would not have your free and noble nature out of self-bounty be abused. Look to 't. I know our country disposition well. In Ve...

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...m to others. According to Thomas Alva Edison, “ah, Shakespeare!...He would have been an inventor, a wonderful inventor, if he had turned his mind to it. He seemed to see the inside of everything” ("Americans on the Bard"), recognizing Shakespeare as an intelligent writer with an ability to observe the reality of people rather than false pretenses that are often in place.

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