Modern Technology, the Unseen Dangers Essay

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As time goes on, the world around us continues to change even more rapidly than it already has. All the time new gadgets and gizmos continue to be introduced to the market to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter allow people from all over the world to be connected. With the help of these social networking sites and cell phones people have become more easily accessible in the previous years than ever before. At first glance these modern technologies appear to be nothing but helpful conveniences that society has become accustomed to having , but as technology advances, our privacy continues to decrease without most people even realizing it.
Cell Phones, everyone knows what a cell phone is, whether you own one or not. If you’re not very familiar with cell phones you might only know them as a portable version of your home telephone, but most people familiar with cell phones know that most manufactured in the last few years can be used to text or send typed messages to people, browse the internet, play games, listen to music, watch videos, take pictures, and even locate you and act as a GPS or navigation system. All the time new features become available on cell phones that are supposed to be for your benefit but few realize the dangers they can actually possess. What if the government or your boss, husband, or, worst case scenario, a rapist or murderer could find out exactly how you spend your day? From what grocery store you visit, what coffee shop you went to, what doctor’s office you visited, to more personal matters such as what time you arrived to work, what school you dropped your children off at, where you live and what time you left your residence. What if all ...

... middle of paper ... rights being robbed from them due to the misuse of modern technology but not many people seem to care or listen. But hopefully people will give their attention to this matter before we start living in the kind of world I mentioned earlier where our every move is tracked and we lose all privacy rights.

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