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The purpose of this study is to examine the attitudes towards domestic violence. Attitudes toward domestic violence are measured by the positive or negative view of violence or aggression toward a spouse, offspring, or member of a household. My independent variables are sex which consists of male and female individuals, classification which consists of upperclassmen and freshmen students, and age. In order to test the relative impact of my independent variables my control variable is involvement. I have three different hypotheses in my study. Hypothesis 1- Males will be more likely have a negative view against domestic violence than females.2) Hypothesis 2- Upperclassmen are more likely have a negative attitude toward domestic violence than freshman. 3) Respondents who are 21-25 years of age will have a more negative attitude toward domestic violence than respondents who are 18 to 20 years of age.
A questionnaire will be conducted to find out the attitudes toward domestic. This is a random sample and will consist of 80 Tougaloo College students, 40 upperclassmen and 40 freshmen each divided into 20 males and 20 females. Each variable will have 3-5 scales. The method for analyzing the data will be a quantitative analysis by inserting data into SPSS, and descriptive statistics will be employed.

Violence is a major social problem in today’s society around the world. (World Health Organization 2002). Domestic violence is a social problem because there are more than the victims who become affected when it occurs. For example, if there is child present in a relationship then they can become affected as well. It has been classified as the most common type of violence against women (World Health Organization, ...

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