Use of Three Literary Techniques in Things Fall Apart Essay

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In his work Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe tells a story describing the decay and destruction of ancient African tradition caused by the invasion of white culture. His tone in the book seems to side and sympathize with the Africans and their religion. Interestingly enough, though, he uses biblical allusion, as well as onomatopoeia and symbolism to bring the book to life and captivate the reader. The following will describe how he uses these.

Even though it appears that he sides with Africans and their cultural beliefs, Achebe uses things from outside their religion, such as biblical allusions. When the missionaries appear it says, “they were all sons of God. And [they] told them about this new God” (Achebe 126). It is interesting to note that Achebe capitalizes the “g” in God, which is proper especially if one claims to be a Christian. Another allusion could be interpreted when the locusts cover the land. It is phrased, “then quite suddenly a shadow fell on the world, and the sun seemed hidden behind a thick cloud” (49). There were so many, that this “cloud” could easily repre...

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