Reasons why GMOs are Safe to Consume Essay

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In today’s scientific topic trends, GMO production and consumption is one of the most controversial topics. The acronym GMO refers to “genetically modified organism.” Loosely put, it refers to when a gene from a species with specific traits is injected into an unrelated living organism leaving it genetically modified. (1) I shall introduce the supposed negative aspects of GMOs and clarify the issues stated against it. The basis of my research originates from a review article provided by Alessandro Nicolia and other Italian researchers who have complied “An overview of the last 10 years of genetically engineered crop safety research.” Specifically, the classification of 1783 scientific records on GR crop safety.
The most popular claim against crop biotechnology by its opponents are that GMO’s lack in depth scientific studies. For example; David Schubert of Salk Institute of Biological Studies states that “There is no credible evidence that GMO foods are safe to eat” and an organic researcher of Washington State University named Charles Benbrook informs that “The science just hasn...

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