Essay on Is College the Right Choice?

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Students in their last year of high school are going through so much, things such as prom and graduation. The most important thing on their mind is deciding on what they will do after they graduate high school. Some students either go to a four year college or attend a community college or just go straight into the work force. The decision to go to college is a life changing decisions that brings many benefits, getting that dream job is the most important.
The article I chose was the essay written by Marty Nemko, “We send too many students to college”. He began his article by pointing out that students who do not do well in high school often drop out of college and end up getting jobs such as McDonalds and Burger King. Also, they left college knowing the same thing they came in with and also emotionally devastated about leaving school. He also said that some of those who did do well in high school often did not even graduate and began working at the same jobs. Those who stay are not guaranteed a job when they graduate college, many end up working at McDonalds or Burger King. College’s say they offer the best education but they only want the students money giving students poor education they need. Students from one school even took surveys to prove that, other students from another school took a test asking basic questions they should know and many of them failed it. Then he gave different solution about deciding to come to college. The first solution was try going a different route instead of college, the second solution was if student’s go make sure they get enough money to pay for school such as scholarship’s and loans and the third solution was basically if they are one of those people who invented or created something that...

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...ving and interacting with other people every day. Also not going to college will not guarantee students a job right away and the way jobs are moving today many want their employees to have at least some college education in order to work. The success in college and after they graduate is up to the student, their work ethic, prioritizing and taking responsibility of themselves since they are on their own now. Colleges can give student‘s much more than education. After the student graduate college with whatever degree they have and other skills they have learned, such as networking and working with other, these will help them get a job at a place where they can use that education learned while in college for years to come.

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Nemko, Marty. ”We send too many students to college”. Practical argument. Ed. Laurie Kirszner. Stephen Mandell. 32-35. Print.

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