Human Cloning Could Happen Within 50 Years Essay

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One of the most debated topics in the science world is over human cloning. Human cloning has caused many other scientists to look at it differently than those who have ethical issues over cloning another human. Human cloning should not be banned because cloning could help with stem research, or with medical health problems, and with diseases.
Issues like, “is it safe”? Or like “will the clone be disabled or defected”? All of these questions cause scientists to think about. Cloning has been around about 100 years, since then, plants were first being studied on how plants were able to duplicate themselves, and then scientists started to clone smaller animals like frogs and mice etc. Now that technology has evolved, it has improved the possibility to clone a human being.
There are still a lot of things that could go wrong with this kind of procedure, for example, the clone will not be exactly the same even though it is physically similar; the emotions and the intelligence are totally different from the original. Basically cloning became more popular when scientists were able to clone “Dolly” (a sheep) even though it took a couple of attempts to clone “Dolly”, it took 227 attempts to get one clone perfect. There are many scientists who believed that human cloning could help prevent diseases, and also there is one scientist who believe that in 50 years human cloning would be possible and his name is Sir John Gurdon, who has also won a Nobel Prize.
Sir John Gurdon also talks about how technology has evolved during time since about 100 years ago. Now, that technology has evolved find and researching strands of DNA is much easier to understand and figure out how to clone. First, the idea of cloning 100 years ago was thought of ...

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