Controversy: Does a Fetus Endure Pain During an Abortion? Essay

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Since 1973, after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide there have been approximately 56,000,000 abortions. That’s about 1.2 million abortions a year (NRLC). This has become a sad trend for pro-life groups. Unfortunately, if abortions were not legalized women would be going through great lengths to get illegal abortions and this could jeopardize their health. This includes by having infections due to unsanitary equipment, like the famous wire hanger, never being fertile again or even death. Unsteadily, the question remains, does a fetus endure pain during an abortion? My answer is, yes they do. I say this considering all of the scientific research that I have found basing doctors research and theses.
Through my research I hope to explain how these unborn babies do endure pain and the significant amount of pain the mother possesses as well, mentally and physically. I would like to reach out to those with an educational background, or are getting one, pregnant women who are seeking abortions, and anyone who is interested in the topic. Hopefully this will give women seeking abortions information they need before proceeding with the procedure.
This will benefit me, because I want to understand the abortion procedure and what the fetus is going through, if anything. As for my readers, maybe this will give them more information that they already have on the subject. I want them to take the information I’m

presenting and pass it on to others who are interested in this topic. Not to choose sides, but to gain knowledge about it.
Review of sources
My resources are coming from an online data base, mostly articles written by scholars, or people who are particular with this topic. Abortion has been a big controversy for many year...

... middle of paper ... allowed to do with their bodies and if this is in fact “murdering babies”, I want to know what they themselves feel about it.
My focus on my paper is if fetal pain is actually true, while also mentioning the psychological toll it takes on women, if any, and if they know exactly what the fetus goes through during the procedure.

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