Children Should Not Be Able to Choose to Drop Out of School Essay

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Should children be able to make the choice to drop out of school at such an early and crucial time in their development? There are many reasons why children and teens are required to stay in school until their senior year. Children do not know the importance of an education and are not well rounded enough to get a job that pays above the poverty level. Children during their key years of development are easily influenced and unable to think for them-selves unless taught to do so. This mass amount of uneducated adults would also have a huge effect on the economy do to the large amount of low income families.
Many young children and teens today feel that an education is just a waste of time and they just tend to go through the motions. Children today are not given the choice to drop out of school because they don’t see the big picture; they don’t tend to think of the consequences of just a middle school education. Many teens have big dreams of becoming super stars and want to put their education on the back burners, but don’t always understand that only a percent of the luckiest peop...

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