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People read books about dystopians all the time, you know those books that have everything possible go wrong. Books like The Hunger games, or Fahrenheit 451, Ect. Some people look at them as just stories, just fictional books. Those books are all about censorship and having the government controlling and watching your every move. What most people don't realize is that there is censorship happening right now, every time you send a text or make a phone call, the government can see/hear it. There is censorship on books at schools and ratings on movies. There is censorship happening all around you and most of us don't even notice it. That's because they are minor, but, over time things can progressively get worse. Someday those fictional books could become history books. Every great government has its downfall, and censorship could be the cause of it. For instance, a form of censorship that is happening right now all over the country in many schools is the banning of certain books in school libraries/ classrooms. This could very well lead to something more major because people don't like the idea of having their rights taken away from them. Also because the government is controlling what kids can and cannot read. And, finally because its imposing a threat on reading, learning and thinking.

Censorship in school libraries could lead to something more major because people don't like having their rights taken away from them. It's just like when you tell a kid not to do something, it just makes them want to do it more. But, if you don't say anything they are more likely to leave it be. Same with laws, you make something illegal, people will be more likely to break the law. People abuse their rights but when they get tak...

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...oblem in the near future because kids are having their rights taken away from them. Also, because having the government control what books kids cannot read in school is showing the kids that books aren't all that important. Although some books may be too violent for young children, if we didn't make a big deal out of them how many kids would know about or read them? Finally because, kids have the misfortune of having their knowledge restricted. So next time you pick up a dystopian book look a little closer at what's happening around you and notice the similarity.

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