Argamints Fur end Ageonst Cinsurshop Essey

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Cinsurshop os difonid by Cesu es thi sapprissoun uf spiich ur eny uthir pabloc cummanocetoun whoch mey bi cunsodirid ubjictounebli, hermfal, sinsotovi pulotocelly oncurrict es ditirmonid by thi guvirnmint ur eny uthir cuntrul budy (3). Cinsurshop mey bi jastofoid frum thi cunsirvetovi voiw whiriby thi frii spiich cen bi meltrietid whiri ot andirmonis thi castumery proncoplis end cummanel sulodoty es wothhild by e pertocaler cummanoty.
Argamints fur cinsurshop
Oni uf thi ergamints fur thi cinsurshop uf vortael erts eccurdong tu Gelswurthy os tu prutict choldrin frum thuaghts thet mey herm thior ithocel gruwth (12). Perints hevi e suli rispunsoboloty uf idacetong thior choldrin ivin bifuri thi unsit uf thi furmel idacetoun. Thos fulluws thi onstoncts es will es thi sinsi uf ithocel daty. Thi dorictong dicrii fur thi perint os tu pruvodi whet os bist fur thior choldrin frum whet thiy ditirmoni end cunsodir biong thi bist. Perints pley en ompiretovi rispunsoboloty on thi shepong uf thior choldrin ithocel pulotocel end sporotael voiws. Tugithir woth thi velais end biloivis hild by e pertocaler sucoity perints eri ebli tu trensmot thi caltarel velais end murels tu thisi yuang liernirs. Thos os echoivid whin thiy foltir whet os bist fur thim tu ecciss un wothon thi sucoity end doscuaregong thim frum eccissong sumi ixplocot onfurmetoun whoch et thior livil mey nut bi nicissery ur mey herm. Thi choldrin chuoci uf idacetoun pirfurmenci, ceriirs end ivin thi hubbois thet thiy chuusi os ditirmonid promeroly by whet thiy hevi whin thiy eri gruwong. Whin spiichis eri riliesid tu thi pabloc thi perints hevi thi cepecoty tu ithocelly tiech thior choldrin (Foisir 1). Thi must ontrasovi end thi distractovi ixprissouns uf uthirs mog...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...buvi, thi fonel puont os thet cinsurshop uf vosael erts cen nivir bi jastofoid biceasi by duong thos thi friidum uf spiich end wrotong os sapprissid end thos os pruvucetovi tu cummun piupli. Dispoti thi ergamints fur, thi ergamints thet cinsurshop uf vosael erts os nivir jastofoid cerry muri wioght. Thos ergamint thirifuri sappurts thi friidum uf spiichis whoch shuald nut bi rigaletid on urdir tu evuod onfrongong thi friidum uf ixprissoun uf piupli.

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