Writing Is Hard

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For me, writing is frustrating. Many times I have trouble writing about anything.

The main reason why I have so much trouble when writing, is because I don't concentrate

on my work enough. Even when I try my hardest to concentrate, my mind seems to

wonder around to a different direction towards another thought. After that, I forget all

about my work and just think about various things such as people, places, and different

times I've had in the past. For example, even while I'm writing this small paragraph, my

mind keeps on slipping into other thoughts. I dont know if this happens to lots of people,

but this is one problem that I have trouble the most in. Maybe this is why I'm a slow

writer and don't like to write.

When I write, I'm usually in my house sitting right where my computer is. One

thing about me is that I hate writing anything with a pen and a paper. Most of the time

when writing an essay, report, or anything else, I type it on my computer. I can probably

type 50 times faster than writing by hand. I guess it's just something that I'm better at. I

can type about 80-85 words per minute. If that isn't fast, then I dont know what is. When

writing, I can write when it's quiet, loud, during the day, during the night, and during

whatever atmosphere I'm in. Even if the whole house is quiet, I usually listen to music

while typing an essay. However, the best time and the best atmosphere for me to write

anything would be during late at night when everything seems pretty quiet around me.

Another important thing to me when writing, is that I can not have any distractions near

me or around me. Even the internet on my computer has to be disabled or else I would be

tempted to surf online.

Writing is like expressing my feelings onto paper. I can write songs, poems,

quotes, stories, letters, and just almost anything that you could think of. You can learn a

great deal about a person by the way they write or just by the way they express certain

words on paper. Writing can also be a part of your life.

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While reading one's paper, you

can find out about their culture, beliefs, education, and much more. Not only that, but you

can also tell what that person has been going through in their life. It is like having your

own history book except that the book is about you, and not on America or some other


I write whatever I feel most comfortable with and also wherever my imagination

can take me. Most of the time, I write short stories that have or had something to do with

my own life. Either that, or I'll most likely write about some topic that I have good

enough information on. When I am writing about things that had happened in my life, I

could drift away to that certain time and recall all the little details and events that took

place. When I write, I also tend to exaggerate quite a bit not because I want to make it a

fiction, but because I tend to mix up my stories with some imaginations of mine. Last

time I wrote about a past event, I wrote on what I did on my graduation night. I could

picture and recall every second of that night just as if it took place last night. My

imagination helps me remember the events that took place in the past. My imaginations

might not really be imaginations, but small clips of eventsof my life that I would've hoped

it went on differently.

I dont like others to read my writing because I am not confident enough of my

work and because I don't think I'm a very good writer. When I compare an essay of mine

to another person's essay, it seems as if I have written an essay in an elementary level and

the paper of the other person is a paper of a college level student. The second reason why

I dont like others to read my writing is because I'm not happy about others getting to

know me through the paper I have written, especially when it's a story about me. I dont

know if its because I have had some personal problems in the past, but I always seem to

back out when I'm offered to read my papers out loud. It might appear obvious to you

while reading this paragraph that I'm not a very open person or a very confident person

when it comes to writing.

Do you ever wonder why things happen the way they do? This is the one thought

that always roams inside my head. Sometimes there will be things that will make you

laugh, cry, smile, flatter, happy, sad, and many more. But above all these, I always

wonder why this happened or why something had to end up that way. There are lots of

things that can make you wonder: why the coyote can never catch the road runner, why

Pinky and The Brain can never take over the world, why people have to die, and many

other questions. I dont know if everyone has the same thought I have. I believe that every

event that happens in everybody's lives happens for a reason. Sometimes, there are things

that go wrong and things that go right. No matter what happens, always remember that in

the end there will always be a reward for that event. You will always learn a valuable

lesson from it.

I have learned a great deal about writing. Lets think about this first. Think way

back when you were in kindergarten, what about elementary school, middle school, and

now high school? Everybody will agree with me that through out the years, not only me

but also everybody learned a great deal about writing. Looking back at your old papers

can make you laugh because when you read your old papers, it doesn't seem that you

had written them at all but some uneducated person did. Also, I'm pretty sure that I will

look back at the papers that I have written during this semester and laugh about every

single mistakes I had made. Not only this semester, but I believe that this will go on for

the rest of my life.

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