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Writing is an essential to our everyday lives and is also a form of expression,

creativity, and comprehension. For students and teachers, writing across the curriculum

should be taught properly and exercised through out primary and secondary grades. By

utilizing writing in all academic courses as a tool for students’ independent

understanding, differentiated learning is easily achieved. The teacher can also use the

students’ writing as data for independent and group readiness along with progression.

Writing can also be implemented in numerous activities such as: writing workshops,

learning stations, research projects, creative concepts of explanations, inspiration, break-
up lesson topics, understanding concepts, tutoring, analytical thinking skills, socially,

communication skills, help organize thoughts and ideas, and increase reading and

fluency. The options and benefits are endless and timeless with writing across the

curriculum. Students are our future; their creativity and understanding should not be

shadowed or forgotten within the classroom.

In our present era of an Information Age, it is important that primary and

secondary students understand how to create meaning of concepts. Schools, in our

present day, provide a broad spectrum of resources, which is effortlessly available for

admission. Our schools are equipped with laptops for each students’ access, high speed

wireless Internet, computer labs, and trusted-user-friendly websites dedicated for

research. In addition to the schools’ research tools, teachers also play a major role in our

Information Age. Most teachers are now trained and required to use various tools and

means of research, along with understanding the stude...

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