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Throughout life, culture implicitly and explicitly communicates ideas to people. Explicit statements are found in songs and art that clearly exhibit a perspective about life. Implicit messages from culture are discovered when compared to the key tenets of worldviews. An example of this implicit communication is found in the song “Clocks” by the band Coldplay. Based on analysis of the lyrics, the song “Clocks” expresses the World Flight worldview.
To begin with, the lyrics of “Clocks” illustrate the World Flight perspective of God. A primary example of this idea is found in the chorus of the song. Specifically, the ancient worldview argues that God can be defined as Forms of ultimate perfection from which the earth was made. Additionally, the perspective’s main philosopher, Plato, argued that all of life must be focused on the world of the Forms. These beliefs are found in the song “Clocks” when singer Chris Martin announces, “You are and nothing else compares” (2002). Initially, this lyric seems to be a simple statement of perfection; however, the lyric reflects the worldview’s beliefs about God when compared to the World Flight perspective. The lyric becomes a cry to the world of the Forms and to the seeking of that world. The singer’s words are transformed from a mere emotional rant to a spiritual affirmation that nothing in this world compares to the Forms of the next world, expressing the World Flight perspective. Another expression of the World Flight perspective of God is found in the ending measures of the song. As the instruments cease playing, the singer states, “You are home, home, where I wanted to go” (2002). Based the ancient perspective of God, this lyric reflects the lifelong search for the world of ...

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...ion of the World Flight solution to the song reveals the expression of the worldview through a musical format. Overall, the presentation of humanity’s problem and solution in “Clocks” allows one to conclude that the work embodies the World Flight perspective.
In conclusion, the World Flight worldview is expounded in the Coldplay song “Clocks.” An analysis of the song illustrates the definition of God and humanity that is characteristic of the World Flight perspective. In addition, the worldview’s problem and solution for humanity are presented through the lyrics of the song. While songs often have simplistic meanings of love or loss, a deep examination of music reveals profound philosophical perspectives that have the power to shape thought and action.

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Coldplay (2002). Clocks. On A Rush of Blood to the Head [CD]. Nashville: Capitol Records.

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