Why Should School Sports be Eliminated? Essay

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“Sports are a big thing here” says Jenny, a student who moved to America from South Korea. (Ripley, Amanda. “The Case against School Sports.” The Atlantic. 4 November 2013.) Well that’s for sure! America’s high-school academic scores are lower than they’ve ever been before, but instead of worrying about that they’re sitting around worried about which team is going to win the next big game.
There are all types of different sports in schools all over the country. Basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, football, tennis, etc. In all of these sports in their own way, the players get special treatment. For example, Jenny says her high-school have days when the teams dress up in Hawaiian clothes or pajamas just because they’re the soccer team! (Ripley, Amanda. “The Case against School Sports.” The Atlantic. 4 November 2013.) In Unicoi County Schools, students who play a sport also get special privileges, whether it be getting away with dress code violations, leaving school early, academics or whatever. Teachers are more lenient with the athletes, and that’s not fair! There is also a policy in the student handbook that states, if you miss a day of school and you don’t have a legitimate excuse, you don’t get your work for that day and receive a zero. Although it is strongly enforced, some teachers will give an athlete who was absent an extra grade or change a failing grade to passing, so that zero doesn’t affect their grade. That is why they don’t give a crap because they don’t have to. Especially if they’re good at sports! While there are lots of students who work a job almost every day and have to work their selves to death just to make a B average. Teachers will give an athlete that extra point for a passing grade just so they can ...

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...ficial. They could take the thousands and thousands of dollars they put in to team uniforms, buses, referees, coaches, food, and all the other extra stuff they pay for and build Love Chapel a new school, afford better lunches, give teachers raises, have cleaner facilities, and more educated students with higher scores and fewer sports injuries. Some of our athletes receive injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives. There have even been cases of high school athletes having a heart attack on the field and dying. How beneficial is that? It needs to be stopped before it happens here. How would a parent feel if it were their child that died on the field just because they were pushed so hard by the coach to work harder? I repeat, it needs to be stopped now!

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Ripley, Amanda. “The Case against High-School Sports. The Atlantic. 4 November 2013.

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