Why do College Students Change Majors between their Admission to Graduate

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It has been observed that majority of undergraduates, at the university, change their majors between their admission to graduation. A substantial number of them even change it more than once during their graduation period (Bartley &Robitschek, 2000).It can be expected that such a decision, which has confused so many students, must be tricky and in reality, it is.
The unknown Subjects
The difficulties in zeroing in on a particular major come from various directions. First, there is a wide range of options which could not be sampled during high school studies and thus, they seem to be totally incomprehensible. It is known that almost every student has some experience studying mathematics, French, physics, and literature, but none of them could have come across electrical engineering during their high school education (Miller & Miller, 2005). Also, it is unrealistic to expect a running start in metallurgy or finance or microbiology or philosophy. Majority of the disciplines offered by the university are new to the students which can overwhelm them (Leppel, 2006). Thus, it makes it difficult for the students to come up with a responsibly cultivated preference early enough to be selected as the principal interest here.
The pressured choice
Pressure is another difficulty faced by the students. Most of the parents offer clear advice to their wards regarding what should be their major at the University (Bartley &Robitschek, 2000). The advice tendered by the parents is basically based on the prospect of earning a living post college education. It has been seen that majority of these advices turn out to be wrong.
Earlier, there were certain parents who threaten their children of cutting off their tuition money if they refused to ch...

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