What is Project Management in the Construction Process? Essay

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Project Management
What is Project Management? Project Management is the back-bone of the construction process. It is the discipline of organising, planning and managing resources to ensure successful completion of the goals and objectives of a specific project.
Knowledge of modern management techniques, along with an understanding of the construction and design processes, is key to good Project Management. A construction project has set tasks, to be done by certain people and to be done by a certain time. A Project Manager will be managing all the workers, the costs and time to ensure the project runs fluently. The management of said factors will help ensure the project commences, progresses and concludes within its limits. The Project Manager will use a certain methodology to what he thinks is best for the current project he is working on. The benefit of a methodology is that it guides you through the project life cycle in depth, so you can acknowledge which tasks need to be done, when they need to be done and how they need to be done.
PRojects IN Controlled Environments, more commonly known as PRINCE2, is a Methodology for effective project management which is in fact used by the UK Government extensively. Prince2 is widely recognised, in the UK and internationally, for being used in the private sector. This methodology has eight processes which are key to ensuring PRINCE2 is delivered to a project. One process of PRINCE2 is planning, which is not really widely recognised as an official process, but due to the amount of planning needed to cover the other processes, it is vital. When undertaking the specialised training exams needed to be able to apply PRINCE2, there are two levels of certification for that...

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...or level of organisation.
The use of PRINCE2 in construction projects does seem to be very common, and hugely benefits each project it is applied to. Although the majority of projects using this methodology are large-scale projects, it does seem to be the best methodology in the industry to be used. The processes involved are very clear and precise, so a construction project using this methodology will see minimum risks. Granting that specialist training needs to be undertaken to use PRINCE2, the advantages still massively outweigh the disadvantages. Once somebody within the project team is trained within this area, it will be easy to train more members of staff, due to the time and effort being saved.
Overall, PRINCE2 is seen as a huge success, and should be the number one choice when it comes to project management, whether or not a construction project.

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