Essay on What Effect Does Media Have on Youth?

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The media is often blamed for having a negative influence on adolescent life. Whether it is presented by means of television shows, magazines, advertisements, news, radio or any other means in which people communicate, the media displays an identity to these adolescents that society deems as sexual appeal and is characterized by sex, quality or state of being sexual. Media portrayals add to confusion on personal image, and can affect ones outlook on competition and violence (Federman, 1998). The media influences adolescents’ psychological and physical development during their cognitive development stage when it’s exposed to them (Schmidt, 2008). This is the stage when the adolescent is most vulnerable and sensitive to the surrounding in which they are growing and willingly absorbing information. If explicit behaviors arise often it can be influenced by explicit media exposure.
Media affects adolescents’ development of self-esteem identifiably. Very often some young people stricken by low self-esteem find faults in the mirror and try to fix them, low self-esteem , when one’s self –esteem is low. Many adolescents are smothered by the crowd, but the media gives them a voice to express themselves, not only to their nearby community but internationally therefore reaching the entire world. The media, such as news channels, newspapers, educational programs, enhance adolescents’ knowledge and understanding, giving them an awareness of their community. Adolescents are exposed to substantial amounts of sexual content and violence through the media that can also promote sexual activity, eating disorders and violence. Thankfully all this can be tempered with proper parental guidance.
Sexual actions of these adolescents are heavily inspired by...

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