We Must Reduce Class Sizes and Improve Teaching Methods Essay

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County High school's current purpose of education is to prepare students with the knowledge they need to be ready for the workforce. To fulfill their purpose they place a minimum of 30 students, if not more, in each class with only one teacher. I, as a junior at County High school, believe that to improve the education for the long term benefit of students the number of classes should be reduced and the customary teaching methods should be improved.
Class sizes are too large and need to be reduced. For example, currently, there are 36 students enrolled in my English class, including myself. I have no problem of any kind with the other students. My problem is that there are so many students in that class that as a result, only some get feedback from the teacher. It is unfair that the teacher only has time to talk to some. If the class sizes are reduced the teacher will have the opportunity to talk one on one with the students, helping them overcome their academic struggles.
In a class of 40, not all students are sentient of what the teacher is teaching them. Some sit in the back of the classroom like brainless zombies and waste their time day dreaming or doing something else. It is not obvious whether each student participates or not. There are so many that students hardly engage with the class. But in a class of 20, it is obvious if a student does not participate. Students are forced to be sentient and engage in what’s going on. In both classes there are students who are conscious. The only major difference is that in a smaller class all students are conscious rather than only some.
If the classes are reduced each student will get an equal opportunity to engage in the education that will get them into the workforce. Jam...

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