We Must Ban the Cloning of Farm Animals Essay

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Cloning farm animals for agricultural purposes has been a controversial topic since the first mammal, Dolly, was cloned. Many people argue that cloning farm animals can improve livestock. But many also argue that cloning farm animals is dangerous and can lead to serious issues. Banning cloning on farm animals will not only benefit the animals that are experimented on, but it can prevent risks that could appear in humans from ingesting the food made from the cloned animals. Although leading scientists such as Lauren Pecorino from Action Bioscience advocate cloning farm animals in order to increase food production, researchers from the American Anti-Vivisection Society and other nationally recognized research institutes support ending farm animal cloning because not only do the animals themselves suffer physical degeneration and premature death, potential health issues can also arise in humans as a result of consuming these genetically engineered foods.
Cloning is used to create genetically identical copies of a living being. A clone has the same DNA and genetic makeup as the original clone. Researchers from the Roslin Institute say “cloning was developed to enhance the ability of science to produce genetically modified animals.”(10) Cloning has “found use in some animal breeding strategies and there are companies pursuing this to enhance certain livestock breeding strategies.”(10) The main controversial issue concerning cloning farm animals for agricultural reason is whether it is safe or not, both to the animals and humans. Many scientists support cloning the farm animals because they think it will benefit our food health, but while they are cloning these animals to make “healthy food” more than half of the exper...

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