Virtuous Violence Essay

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Virtuous Violence
When one hears the word violence one typically thinks of sordid images. This is because violence has developed a negative connotation. When one thinks of violent acts or cruel methods like coercion it is frequently correlated with evil. But there are instances in which there is a need to commit brutalities in order to put an end to catastrophes and help the good prevail. Many posit the notion that nothing good will ever come from violence while neglecting the positive things that have emerged from it. It may seem illogical but since kindness is often abused one needs to resort to violent means to demand justice and peace. Violence is gradually converting into a virtue as it becomes an imperative component in making progressive reforms. In order for one to triumph one must be dauntingly assertive even if it means turning to violence. Using forceful tactics should not necessarily make one malicious if the reasons behind them are benevolent. Violent acts are justified as long as they’re done for the greater good, solve disputes, and serve justice. And what better way to prove this than with legit historical facts.
Since the beginning of time violence has always been shun upon since it is viewed as immoral. Its stigma has allowed the majority of people to omit its reverence, for not only tragedies have emanated from it. It is safe to profess that some violent crimes are found as mitigating circumstances especially those committed by an eminent figure. If for example a prestigious person is trying to instill a movement that serves as a greater good to society then the cruelties performed are justified. This can be proven on several different occasions by the...

... middle of paper ... pleasant approach it sometimes is necessary. While the cliché two bads don’t make one good maybe true it is also true that extreme times call for extreme measures.

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