Violence on Women in North America Essay

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Violence on Women in North America
Four million women every year are victims of domestic battering in the United States. The reason the number keeps growing is because the nation is not addressing this problem as a serious crime. It is viewed today as a mild problem in our society when it is affecting a lot of our communities. A program that was made in the country a couple years ago is called Prevention of abuse. It is offered in a non sponsored way by the agency of United Way. They have access to newspaper and television news programs, where they feed statistics and information about what women face in the community today.
This program is a step into preventing violence against women. It feels the first way to fix the problem is to expose it. The media is a way of letting people everywhere what is really going on in our streets. Also in this program they have a treatment process used on families with violence problems to help prevent them from escalating. The couples go to a weekly hour and fifteen minute session where they go through three phases. (1) The assessment and diagnosis (2) linking prevention efforts to presenting problems (3) treatment through facilitating differiation. (Page 4 Perez, Philip)
During the assessment and diagnosis the couples go through individual interviews where they fill out forms and have sheets that inform them the on what violence against a partner really is. The interview is considered a critical part of the process because it gives the therapist a better understanding of where the violence may lead or the risk of it escalating. “The couples are informed on what domestic violence really is which is a violent confrontation between family or household members involving physical harm, sexual assa...

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