Signs of Racism by Rajiv Kapur

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Signs of Racism by Rajiv Kapur

Signs of Racism offers a glimpse into what racism means today.
Historically, racism was more prevalent, more obvious, but actually
less disparaging to the victim than it is today. You see, SoR
underlines the fundamental reasoning that quiet, subtle jabs with
racist remarks are more pestilent. The subjugated can overcome overt
oppression because none 'can respect his oppressor.' Kapur offers us a
number of examples of what the signs of (subtle) racism are; many of
which may not be obvious to readers.

SoR provides proof that the antagonistic sentiments of racists are due
in part to not one, but several factors - each offering a very
convincing argument. Kapur provides signs that at first may appear
benign, are actually deeply motivating factors of malevolence to
people of other races. SoR makes it quite clear to all, that racists
do not feel compassion for members of the race which they are
displaying their 'subtle' partiality.

Racism is shown to stem from an individual who needs to maintain
(albeit, an imaginary) position of supremacy. A racist will use all
means possible to subjugate the victimized race. A racist feels no
remorse or sympathy for the impact his racist actions have on the
victimized. The overall aura of all the signs projects a racist of
hatred and heartless sensibilities.

SoR is not an impartial piece of literature. Kapur provides us with
the views of a person afflicted by subtle racism. Consequently, we see
the views of the victim and not the racist expressed. This position is
espoused by the majority of the world, and so is readily accepted.
(That might be an interesting concept for a book, though - Hatred of
the Bigot.) This partiality does not impair his writing, however. On
the contrary, the lifetime reality Kapur was familiar with (covert
racism) supports his subjective reasoning.

The description (or rather, oblique explanation) of a racist was also
emphasized in SoR - a racist is a racist regardless of 'religion,
intelligence, cultural level, social status, benevolence towards
members of their own race or social motivation.' The stereotype of a
racist is abolished. Kapur argues that racists come from all races and

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all backgrounds; the fundamental trait all racists carry is HATRED.
Hatred is the underlying factor that is apparent with racial

SoR affords the reader with a brief writing, abundant with the
veracity of today's racism. What racism means today, the essential
signs of racism, and the fact that anybody can be a racist despite
most people's stereotypical ideas, are topics covered in SoR. Rajiv
Kapur carries his message in a very concise manner, not dawdling upon
one matter but providing a reasonable introduction to the world of
subtle racism.

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