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One of the most important public policy debates today surrounds the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide. There are actually two types of Euthanasia, one being “voluntary", where the person dying has made a request for it. 2nd kind of euthanasia is “non-voluntary", where a person, who has not made her wishes on this matter be known, is put to death; such as people in a coma. The main question in voluntary Euthanasia is should a person wanting to kill themselves be allowed to get assistance from a doctor. In my mind I don’t see anything wrong with a doctor helping a person that wants to kill themselves. It’s the persons right to live and if they want off our earth because of a disease or aging so be it. In the Non-voluntary case if a doctor sees the only way a person breathes is by medicine and machines and has no chance to regain normalcy in there life its probably be better off killing them. Even though killing a loved one will be hard but who wants to see that person suffer. I agree with Hemlocks approach on this issue. Hemlock is an organization which you join that promotes your end of your life choice.
Hemlock believes in the some of the following
•     that every hopelessly ill, mentally competent American should have access to the full range of end-of-life choices, including the option of hastening one's death to end unbearable suffering.
•     that people should not have to suffer needlessly when they die.
•     that all religious faiths should be respected, but that no one
should be allowed to impose their beliefs about end-of-life choice on others.
•     that the hopelessly ill have the right to choose quick, gentle,
certain death in the presence of their loves ones.
•     That physicians should be allowed to help a hopelessly ill
patient achieve a peaceful, dignified death if that's what their patient wants.
•     that the law should always be followed, but that where the law doesn't permit physician aid in dying, it should be changed.
•     that maintaining control over how we die is just as important
as maintaining control over how we live.
•     that no government has the right to tell us how we die.
•     that depriving someone of choice and dignity in the final
chapters of life is morally and ethically wrong
4.     Should people be forced to stay alive?
No. A lot of people think that euthanasia or assisted suicide is needed so patients won’t be forced to remain alive by being "hooked up" to machines.

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The law already permits patients to waive there right to live. By receiving medicine that will stop the suffering and will make them die in peace. I agree with any person that wants to kill themselves because they can’t stand the suffering anymore. It will also cut the population in overly populated areas.
5.      Does the government have the right to make people suffer?
I think the government has no right to say anything about person committing suicide. Why should the government run our life? If the government legalized Assisted suicide we wouldn’t have people shooting themselves, cutting there wrist, or even jumping off bridges. Instead a person who wants to die would be able to go to the doctors sign a waiver and take lethal injection. That would be much easier then having a gruesome death. Assisted suicide is already being practiced in Oregon. In Oregon you must have terminal Illness or mental illness.
The provisions of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act are as follows:
•     The request must be voluntary
•     No doctor is forced to comply
•     The patient must be an adult who is terminally ill and mentally competent
•     The request must be an enduring one; a 15-day waiting period is required
•     An examination by a mental health professional may be required
•     The request must be made orally and in writing and witnessed
•     All alternatives will be explained to the patient
•     The patient receive a prescription for a lethal dose of medication, which must be self-administered
•     The patient may change his or her mind at any time
6. But shouldn’t people have the right to commit suicide?
     Of course they should have the right to commit suicide. But the question is, wouldn’t it be easier to get assistance from a doctor. A person who is anti to this debate likes to complain about a doctor helping a person commit suicide is like murdering some1. If that person who wants to be killed signs a wavier it’s definitely not the doctor’s fault they came to him. The doctor is just doing what the person wants them to do.
8.     . Wouldn’t euthanasia or assisted suicide only be available to people who are terminally ill?
No if they legalize this I don’t think it should be for only the terminal ill. It should be for the all people I think. If someone wants to die they will find a way to kill themselves. So like I said in question # 1 instead of having gruesome deaths, it would be much easier to sign a waiver and get a lethal injection. I also definitely think assisted suicide would work for an older person who is tired of life and wants to start a new life in heaven.
17.      Since suicide isn’t against the law, why should it be illegal to help someone commit suicide?
It shouldn’t be illegal; if someone really wants to kill themselves I see no reason for them to stay alive. A perfect example is abortion. What is the difference between abortion and assisted suicide? Not much a doctor goes into a woman and kills the baby before birth. With assisted suicide the doctor would inject a poison and kill the person that wants to die.

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