In Search of King Arthur

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In Search of King Arthur

Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by stories of courageous knights and virtuous ladies, who populate the covers and pages of books and screens of the movie theaters. Their splendid attire, glamour of the courts and impeccable manners attracted and conquered the imagination of the little girl. Robin Hood was one of my favorite characters, however there was one hero, who troubled my imagination most of all. I have heard and read numerous stories of a magnificent, just and most generous king of all, King Arthur. Legends and myths surrounding the adventures of this character preoccupied my thoughts and pulled me into reading marathons. Today, several years later, I am continuing to indulge my interests. Luckily there is so much material available on the Internet on the subject of King Arthur's and his knights' adventures that I don't have any trouble locating the material interesting to me. Moreover, I have found the following Internet sites most useful in studying the topic of King Arthur's adventures: (, The History and Historicisation of Arthur ( and Legends ( is a very well-structured website. The home page of this Internet site is organized in a manner that allows a viewer to locate necessary information speedily and with ease. However, besides being well structured, the site contains all the essential information related to King Arthur and other main characters of the legend such as Merlin, Guinevere. Information on Geoffrey of Monmounth, the author of the History of the Kings of Britain, is also available. A viewer only needs to click on Arthur, the King ( in order to find numerous hypotheses of King Arthur's birth and origin as well as general theories of his existence: "Arthur, it seems, is claimed as the king of nearly every Celtic Kingdom know" (Arthur, the King, p.1). Here King Arthur is claimed to be a Breton king, a Dumnonian king, a Cumbrian king, an Elmet king, a Scottish king, a Powysian king, among others. Many historians such as Geoffrey Ashe, Graham Philips and Martin Keatman identify Arthur with various noble houses that occupied territories of Great Britain and Scotland.

Furthermore, contains links to such material as Timeline of Arthurian History ( These pages contain a detailed timeline, starting from 63 A.D., with Joseph of Arimathea's coming to Glastonbury, bringing with him the Holy Grail, and ending in 1090 A.

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D., with mention of Caradoc of Llancarfan and Liftis, who recorded the lives of saints such as St.Gildas, St. Padarn and others. Also, the timeline contains such important dates as the probable birth of King Arthur in 465 A.D., the period of Arthur's twelve battles from 485 till 496 A.D. and the Siege of Mount Badon, where Britons under the command of Ambrosius and Arthur defeat Saxons.

The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur
( is another Internet site, which contains interesting information on King Arthur's existence as a mythical as well as a historical figure. The author of the site bases his arguments on the following three sources: Historia Brittonum, the collection of death-songs called, Y Gododdin, and the Annales Cambriae, which was created in the mid 10th-century. He presents evidence that Y Gododdin proves the existence of King Arthur as a mythical superhero, while Historia Brittonum and Annales Cambriae present Arthur as a historical figure. The site The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur is created in a very precise, to-the-point manner. The author presents many valuable details to support his arguments and provides a large list of biographical material to be consulted at the end of the article.

The last Internet site, which I found useful in studying King Arthur's adventures, was a site simply called Legends ( This website provides numerous links to various sources such as The Camelot Project ( by students of University of Rochester, Arthurian Society ( and Arthurian Fantasy, 1980-1989: An analytical and bibliographical survey ( by John J. Doherty. These links bring the viewer to pages skillfully designed and containing loads of interesting information. Furthermore, the site contains links to the descriptions of the main characters of the Arthurian legends such as Sir Gawain, Guenevere and Merlin. For example, the link, History & Archaeology, contains wonderful maps of the ancient Britain and further links to such site Early British Kingdoms ( and Saxon Shore (, which present historical information on Ancient and Medieval Britain.

It is amazing how much information it is possible to find on the Internet. And thanks to this technological achievement I was able to satisfy my childhood interest concerning the adventures and life of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The three websites,, The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur, and Legends, turned out to be the most useful in studying this topic. They are professionally constructed, contain important detailed information and are accompanied by numerous illustrations and visual aids.

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