Hand Guns and Conceal Ability

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Hand Guns and Conceal Ability

The debate of hand guns is highly argued among American citizens. The article "Handgun Bands" from GunCite.com, and the article "Concealed Carry and its Effect on Crime" from CCNCrime.com, advocate the legal possession of a concealed handgun. They attempt to show that legal handguns actually deter crime and violence. The first article "Handgun Bands" takes an emotional approach followed by statistical information to prove the point that handgun bands, or limitations on the ability to purchase and carry a hand gun, do not effectively counter violence. The author begins by giving the statistic from the F.B.I. Uniform Crime Report that over 55% of all murders are committed with handguns. This leads you to believe that the author is an advocate of handgun bands. This idea is quickly thrown out in the next paragraph where it is stated that handguns are more often used in self defense than in crime. The claim is also made that most instances of self defense involving a handgun result in no shots fired.

The question is then brought up, if handguns are banned will violent crime decrease? The author claims that not only will crime not decrease but, will grow resulting in more violence than ever. A survey from the National Institute of Justice shows that 72% of felons that use handguns would simply switch over to other weapons, such as shotguns in order to commit their violent acts. The author then gets information from an article by R. Taylor called "Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen." This article proves that shotguns and rifles cause much more damage to the abdomen than handguns. The author is also able to show that studies taken by Don B. Jr. in his article ‘Guns, Murders, and the Constitution," show that 54% to 80% of homicides committed with handguns could have just as easily been committed with a long gun.

The author effectively defends his idea that banning handguns will have no effect on the reduction of violent crime, but may actually increase instances of gun crimes. This is due to the fact that civilians would no longer be able to defend themselves effectively.

The second article, " Concealed Carry and its Effect on Crime" tries to persuade the reader that the right to carry concealed weapons will deter criminals. Most of the information in this article is taken from a July 26, 1996-article called "Crime, Deterrence, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns," written by John R.

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Lott Jr. and David B. Mustard.

Once again a question is presented, "Will allowing concealed handguns make it likely that otherwise law abiding citizens will harm each other? Or, will the threat of citizens carrying weapons primarily deter criminals?" This question is answered with the statistics that citizens without criminal records, who carry concealed weapons actually help to reduce gun crime. The author also argues that by allowing responsible people to conceal weapons, criminals are less likely to attack on the whole. The criminals fear armed citizens.

The article also proves that concealment laws lessen the amount of accidental gun deaths. The reason for this is that in order to obtain a concealed weapon license, citizens must first take a class on gun safety, and learn the legalities concerning the use of lethal force. By teaching people proper gun safety fewer accidents will occur. The author then argues with Josh Sugarman, director of the Violence Policy Center. Mr. Sugarman claims that advocates of concealed weapons permits do not understand the nature of crime, or have an outside reason for wanting to carry a concealed weapon. The author claims that Sugarman has not reviewed the statistics that prove concealed weapons lower crime. After sending many statistics and articles to Mr. Sugarman, in order to enlighten him on the truth, he has yet to hear any logical rebuttal from Sugarman, or the Violence Policy Center.

The author also validates his study by taking statistics from all over the United States, rather than just in isolated areas. He ends his article by saying not to take his word for it. Instead he gives the names and dates of many different studies taken on the subject, in order to motivate you to seek out truthful information on your own.

Both articles were well written and chalk full of statistics and links to other sites to seek more information. They were able to convince me that handguns should not be restricted, and concealed weapons help to lower crime.

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