Media Violence

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The media is almost everywhere in our day to day lives. From television to movies, to videogames, it is a very large source of entertainment in our culture and thus has a vast impact on our lives. With the large impact that the media has on us the content of them are very important as well. When obscene violence is depicted on television and our other forms of entertainment it will be seen by many, including our children. The effects I speak of are vast, numerous, and too much to be ignored. But are these effects enough for us to get rid of this genre of entertainment all together just to protect our children? This type of entertainment does tend to sell very, very well, and is a large part of many entertainment companies revenue. To simply get rid of them will hurt the entertainment business to a very large degree, possibly destroying some companies with the current economy being what it is.

In this extended argument paper I will discuss the general topic of how big of a part the media plays in our day to day life, and the influence it has on our personalities. I will then proceed to narrow the topic of media down to when violence is portrayed, and the negative effects that its viewing has on us. I will narrow even farther and describe the influence portrayed by from the youth of our country. I will then go into depth on media rating systems that are in place to prevent those too young to few it, from viewing it. I will discuss the other things in place to prevent children from viewing violence in the media, including the parent’s responsibilities. I will go over the argument of why violence in the media should be stopped, and then why it should be kept. I will then bring both arguments together to attempt to give a solution to the problem of violence in the media. Although violence in these medians are not made for children’s viewing, they do see them and hinder them in one way or another, but is that enough to get rid of violence in the media all together.

The media plays a very large part in our lives.

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It is a major source of entertainment among Americans. Many Americans have televisions in their homes (add stats). A large majority of households with kids have a video game system, or a computer (add stats). Many, many Americans also pay to go see movies, or buy movies for entertainment (add stats).

Violence has been implemented into these forms of entertainment for a very long time, almost from their creation. Way back to simple radio programs violence has been used to entertain. Even well before that, violence has a heavy entertainment value. Just look at ancient Rome with the coliseum, and the mass violence, and entertainment brought in there. They seam to sell very well even today and to get very high ratings. (Add stats)

Violence in the media is meant to be viewed by mature audiences, and not by adolescents. Even so, these shows are seen by children, and do effect them in very prominent ways (add stats).

There are rating systems in place for each of the media's mediums that I am talking about (Television, Movies, and Video Games). Each of these rating boards job is to rate those games, movies, and television shows objectively. Each specifies what age group should be allowed to view its materials. They also describe the content present within them that gave them the rating that they did. For movies it is the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) (add stats). For games it is the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) (add stats). For Television it is the ????? (????)(Add stats). These systems do a very good job at what they do, but all use a different system as described above. There are some that wish to have a unified rating system as to cause less confusion. Personally I think that their systems are perfectly self explanatory, and do not need to be the same, for they are already very similar.

Rating systems alone do not prevent children from being exposed to advanced violence that they should not be seeing. There are other factors that are supposed to be used with the rating systems in order for them to be effective. When going out to watch a movie, the venders are supposed to check IDs when buying the tickets, but most don’t card while actually going in to watch a movie. That is a serious issue with movie ratings, but it’s hard to ask venders to card every single person going into an ‘R’ or higher rated movie. With the same concept with buying games, venders are finally being required to check ID’s while buying a mature rated game. A few weeks ago I bought a game rated ‘M’ and the register put up a reminder to card, and they did. I was not bothered by this, and even glad that they are doing it. As for television (same applies to movies and video games as well) the main thing to stop children from viewing violence is their parents. It is a parent’s responsibility to know what their kids are doing, and to make sure that they are mature enough to be seeing what they end up seeing.

With so many things attached to keeping children from viewing violence we have to ask ourselves, is this worth it? Why don’t we just get rid of violence in the media all together? Well, like stated earlier there is a mass of companies that rely on the revenue that violence brings in. There really is no easy answer to this debate. All we can do is try to increase “security” to stop the kids of America from getting corrupted by the violence that is ever present in the media. As long as there is violence in the world, there will be violence on the media.

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