Impact of the Computer and Internet on Parks and Recreation Management

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Impact of the Computer and Internet on Parks and Recreation Management

The invention of the computer and the Internet system has greatly advanced and/or changed many of the careers through out the world. Parks and Recreation Management is one of these occupations that have been able to thrive with the Internet and personal computers available today. Recreation today is becoming more and more popular due to an overall decrease in working hours. These shorten working hours leave more free time and have recently made the recreation occupation more popular. With the many national, state, and private parks in the United States, it is essential for the park systems to figure out a way to become organized and more nation-wide known due to the competition. The Internet and use of the computer became the answer to these problems.

The State and National Parks System developed a database computer system that makes registration easier and faster than in the past. Instead of filling out multiple registration slips one at a time, an employee is able to type the register’s information in, and in seconds their registration slips come out neatly and accurately by computer. There is a company that takes calls for the government parks system to make reservations but recently with the discovery of the Internet, campers now are able to reserve a camping site from their own homes. This [1]park database is automatically revised every time the company, the campers, or the park rangers themselves make a reservation from the park. This keeps the state and national park system organized and more easily accessible to make reservations.

With this improvement in speed and accuracy with reservations, park rangers have more time to enforce laws and regulations then being consumed with unnecessary problems in the office. Because of the increase of the populations in the state and national parks, park rangers have their hands full and cannot always be available to make reservations at the park office. This gives more face-to-face communication between park ranger and customer.

Similar with other careers, the Internet has become a very useful source in Parks and Recreation Management. With their own website, the [2]national and [3]state park systems are more able to inform people about upcoming rules and regulations and new developments in different parks.

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People are more willing to travel to parks in different states due to the easy accessibility of directions and information about the parks. With this recent rise of populations in campgrounds and recreation areas, there has been an increase in funds, which have been put to good use. One good use has been the purchasing of more park land through out the United States. In the state park I currently work for named Waterloo Recreation Area, has in the last ten years been able to purchase more land from local residents due to an increase of funds. With the purchase of more park land, there is a higher probability this land will stay in its natural state and not become urbanized.

Applying for job positions are more easily found with the Internet also. With a click of a button and a few typed words a person is able to apply for any park in the Untied States or be put in a database where employers from different parks can look at a person’s resume. Of course many would say it is possible to do the same on the phone, but with the Internet a person can put their resume online and save time and money to fax it through to their employer. Personally, I am graduating soon and I am interested in the national park system. I want to apply to parks in Alaska, Wyoming, and Texas. To do this now with the abilities of the Internet, I am able to apply to these parks free of charge and in less time than I would without the computer and Internet systems.

Although computers have made the park system more accessible, it is not without it’s faults. Mistakes are easily made with computers. When something is written down such as a reservation and a mistake is made, someone has more of a chance to find the mistake by the different hands that it went through. When reservations are made online or by phone on computer, there is usually only one pair of eyes looking over the information. This can cause more mistakes due to the limited amount of people that look over the information.

Another problem that occurs with computers is the false information that is reported about campsites when campers register by the phone or online. Usually when a person calls in or goes online, a description of the campsite is given. It gives the slope, amount of grass, amount of shade, and what type of campsite it is (tent, camper, pop-up, ect.). Sometimes the company types mistaken information on a campsite and when the camper arrives and expects to go on a tent site with a vehicle camper, a problem has risen.

One of the biggest problems that have developed with computers in my profession is when power is shut down. Occasionally, power can be lost due to weather or electrical problems. When this happens, the park is still open and campers still come in and want to register to camp. If the power is down, the park employees are forced to hand write the reservation. This can become a problem if at the same time a person online reserves the same campsite. Since the power was down, the reservation system doesn’t know the park employee reserved the same campsite for different campers for the same days. Unfortunately, I have been in the middle of a situation similar to this and it takes a lot of patience and time to get the problem fixed.

Computers have pros and cons in any career you look into. Fortunately, with Parks and Recreation Management the pros overshadow the cons. I believe computers in some degree have opened people’s minds about visiting the wide variety of parks that are in the United States and in Canada. The more people explore the wildlife and nature that surrounds us, the better aware people become concerning the necessity of our natural beauties.

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