Eulogy for Friend

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Eulogy for Friend

Georganna's admirers--and that's everyone who knew her--savor the mile we walked with her. Each of us has special incidents we want to recount. We have compiled a few of these memories that we believe best illustrate the unique personality of our dynamic friend.

Georganna was always determined, sometimes outraged, but rarely sad.

Enjoy these stories. As long as we have them in our hearts, we have George.

At the Team Spirit Leadership Conference George roomed with Heather, Tatum and Erica. She was always the First one up--usually by 4:00a.m. BUT she was always the LAST one ready!

On the French Trip to Louisiana George slept in those teal green, silk pajamas whiles everyone else slept in shorts or sweats! But that was George. She dressed up for school every day like she was going off to New York. Shawn always said George was in a time warp because he was wearing clothes from another generation!

George was the "Debate Queen"--that's what everyone called her. On the bus trip to Louisiana George climbed over the seats to view her opinion on at least five different issues! She would never back down.

When George started to go off about an issue during class or on the weekend, Ryan, Shawn, and all the guys would hiss (like the wind was blowing). Georganna would just roll her eyes at them and smile.

Georganna loved to read. Everyone always teased her about those "smut" novels! She could read a different one every day.

During Flag Core practice Georganna's freshman year, Katrina accidentally hit Georganna on the head with her flag--but Georganna really got upset and chased Katrina around the entire school with the flag pole!

Georganna loved chocolate--and she'd get sooo hyper when she ate it! Taco Bell was also her favorite. She could be found there every weekend with different friends.

Kenny Samples was bored one day and went through George's purse. He bit her drivers license and credit cards and actually left teeth marks on them. George often showed them to her friends and laughed about it.

One night Tatum, Kristie, Daren, Micah, and George went on a yard-rolling spree. Amanda pulled into her driveway as they were rolling her yard. They were running off and George started picking up the rolls of toilet paper. She said, "We might can use them later!" She had also insisted on color coordinating the paper before it was bought!

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Whenever you saw Georganna, you saw her with that great big cloth bag. It probably weighed more than she did.

Georganna's dream store was The GAP. She always wanted to work there. When she called from Jax State to tell her Mom that she had gotten there O.K., her Mom told her that the GAP had called that night. Georganna called the GAP long distance and they told her she had got the job. She was so excited.

Asim and Georganna were counselor's aides during the seventh period. They were stuck together in a little room every day. Asim said, "I came to know her very well during the long conversations we had. We talked about everything, and that is what I'll miss the most. Her dreams, her ideas, her likes and dislikes, her caring nature, and her thoughts are now a part of me."

We all have our special memories of Georganna. She remains a part of us and will never be forgotten.

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