Evil Mother in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

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Evil Mother in Rebecca Rush's Novel Kelroy

Rebecca Rush's novel Kelroy is an exceptional novel on mannerisms in the nineteenth century. Mrs. Hammond is the key character in this novel. The plot and characters all seam to inner relate with her. In this novel, Mrs. Hammond is seen as an evil, conniving woman. There are many twists and turns in this novel, but there is one thing that is constant, and that is that Mrs.
Hammond motives are to take care of herself and secure her own future, and according to her it doesn't matter how she doses this or who she uses to her benefit.

The novel begins with Mrs. Hammond trying to figure out how she couldtake care of her two daughters and live the lifestyle that she has become accustomed, when she is left widowed, with little money. And figure it out she did. She came up with a precise plan on how to exactly go about doing this. The key was to marry her daughters off to wealthy men so they would be taken care of and, most important, so would she. The plan was for her to educate her daughters and keep them in seclusion until they were of the age to marry. She only had a little bit of time to accomplish her goals before her money ran out. When they were old enough, she through the biggest and best parties. Her plan seamed to work out well because it didn't take long for Lucy to become engaged to Lord Walsingham. According to Mrs. Hammond this was a perfect match. He was a handsome, rich man from a good British family.

Now with the fate of Lucy solved, Mrs. Hammond only had to focus on Emily. As a reader reading this book you would think this would be no problem. Emily was the prettier than her sister, and sweeter too. She was not only beautiful she was smart, although she tended to think with her heart instead of her head. Instead of the beautiful, youngest, well know Hammond girl falling in love, or becoming engaged to a wealthy man that Mrs.

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Hammond would approve of, she fell head over heals in love with Kelroy, a poet with no money, and a close friend of Walsingham. Of course Mrs. Hammond was appalled. How dare her daughter not comply with her plan, although Emily had no clue of the plan, for it was not just Emily's future that was at stake Mrs. Hammond's was also.

Mrs. Hammond must come up with some way to stop this relationship from happening. She did. Only Mrs. Hammond could come up with the perfect way to keep Kelroy and Emily apart without seaming obvious. This worked for a while. But it was bound to happen, her plan didn't quite work out as perfectly as she had planed, because Emily and Kelroy did get to spend some time together, their love grew stronger for each other. The stronger their love grew the stronger Mrs. Hammond's determination grew. In this battle determination did not win. Kelroy found out about the debt that Mrs. Hammond was acquiring, this gave him some leverage. He and blackmailed her into letting Kelroy marry Emily. This was the first time Mrs. Hammond was backed into a corner. She was left with no choice, and she had to comply with his wishes. The only clause that she insisted on was that Kelroy must go make his fortune first. She was
devastated that she had not had time to think about this decision throughly. But with no way to turn back she had to live with it.

Another key character in Mrs. Hammond's evil plan was Mr. Marney. He was quite fond of Emily, and he hated Kelroy because he had her heart. Mrs. Hammond is a good judge of character, and although Marney is not the most respectable man, he is very useful to Mrs. Hammond. She is able to get valuable information from him, and he helps her to carry out her awful plan to keep Kelroy and Emily apart.

Marney and Mrs. Hammond begin to devise a plan that involves forging letters and intercepting the real letters that are sent back and forth from Kelroy and Emily. This plan seems to workout well because in the end it accomplishes the goal, Kelroy and Emily are forever separated by the lies that Marney and Mrs. Hammond have created.

In the end, Emily dose marry a respectable man that Mrs. Hammond approves of, Mr. Dunlevy. Perhaps Mrs. Hammond is so overjoyed that she is struck by a palsy on Emily's wedding day, and dies two days later.

As it is seen throughout the novel, Mrs. Hammond will do whatever it takes to further her own plans and ideas, even if it is at the cost of her daughters' happiness. Because for her no cost is too great to further her own agenda. She must do what is necessary to take care of herself. At times throughout the novel, she seams to have some compassion for her children, but it fades quickly, and once again she is turned back to her original motives. Which makes one wonder if she was always so cold and heartless. In the end she gets what was coming to her, throughout the novel, she is struck with a terrible palsy and is unable to speak for two days. She is unable to do any more manipulating.

Mrs. Hammond's plans to keep Kelroy and Emily apart were found out in the end, by Emily, and the truth of her true character was seen clearly.

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