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My name’s Cassie and I have a story to tell. This is the story I
remember. I can only tell you this story without the facts, I can tell
you it the way it happened to me. I can’t tell you how long ago it
happened. I’ve lost all sense of time. My mind is warped and I don’t
really understand what happened that night.

I guess my story must begin on Christmas day 1911. I was 8 at the

I lived with my father George Turn. We lived in a little flat in
Southampton, and he was my hero. I never knew my mother; she died when
I was young so my father was all I had.

Back to Christmas day, I woke up and ran out of the bedroom into the
main room. We had a rather pathetic looking Christmas tree this year
but me and father had put some coloured rags on it. Under our
Christmas tree there were three parcels. One of which was from me to
my father. The other two I guessed were for me. I waited for my
father to wake up before I opened my presents. The first was a thick
rectangle that I opened quickly it was a chocolate bar. Father opened
his present and found his orange. He tried to act surprised.

I slowly opened the parcel and to my surprise it was tickets on the

The next few months went quickly, I told everyone I saw, I was going
on the Titanic. We were going to America, to New York, to see the
sights. On the Titanic. People looked surprised when I told them. The
tickets were very expensive, when I asked father how he could afford
them. He just winked at me, whatever that meant.

I remember the day so well; there were so many people down on
Southampton dock. Father accidentally bumped into a rich man who
introduced himself as John G Butler. He was a very nice man who told
me I was going to grow up to be a heartbreaker.

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I took it as a

We separated, as we had to go through separate doors. Us the “lower
class” or the “lovely class” as father always put it had to go through
a health check. There was a man checking my head for lice and I told
him firmly

“ We aint no ruffins you know we’re proper upper classers!”

Father poked me in the back but the man just laughed and told me to:

“Get on your way now.”

As we got on the ship I waved goodbye to Southampton. I wanted to wave
to each and every seagull because they seemed to be sending us off I
didn’t because I was so excited to get on the ship.

We ran through the corridors looking for room 304. We finally found
it. I pushed open the door and with a

“Tah rah…” and what I saw. I saw two guys stood in our roo,.

There were two sets of bunk beds in our room. I presumed these were
our roommates. Which is what they turned out to be. Their names were
Andy and Pete. Andy was very tall with dark brown hair and sharp blue
eyes. Pete had red hair and twinkly green eyes, like cats eyes.

The four of us got on really well, and Andy and Pete promised to be on
best behaviour because a lady was among them.

The dinner that night was delicious, well it wasn’t but we pretended
it was. We pretended that the walls were all brightly wallpapered
instead of boring whitewashed. The floor was covered in carpet rather
than just bare floorboards. We had buffalo tongue and roast beef. Andy
and Pete joined in to, sat in cushioned high back chairs pretending to
have chocolate ice cream. Instead of being sat on stools with no
pudding at all.

As I went to bed that night I thought I was the luckiest girl in the
whole wide world to be here right now.

We woke up fairly early the next morning and as father went to play
mild cards with some gentleman Pete and Andy took me on deck. Andy was
attracted to a very pretty lady with a large bust and he went off to
talk to her. Pete took me to the railings and pressed me against them
telling me I was the Queen of the World.

“If I’m the Queen, who’s my King? “ I asked.

“Whoever you want.” He replied. I couldn’t think of anybody at that
time, but he quickly filled the role.

“I’ll be your King then!” he laughed.

“Yep you’ll do” I yelped as he tickled me to the ground where I was in
fits of laughter. I was a most sophisticated lady, of course!

In the afternoon Andy took me up to the First Class level. We looked
through the windows and we saw Mr John G Butler dining with a very
posh man, who father later told me was a film producer called Mr
Gilliam. We pulled faces at Mr Butler and he tried to keep a straight
face. Me and Andy carried on pretending to be posh until we bumped
into the busty woman, who he went off with. I was left to play with
other children. I was not amused.

That night I went to bed with a quick kiss on the cheek from Pete and
then all I could think of in the morning was how wonderful he was and
how I might actually love him.

In the evening of the third day us “lovely class” had a dance. I
danced with Pete so many times, even a couple of slow dances. Father
wasn’t impressed. But he had been eyeing up some unsuitable ladies and
I wasn’t impressed either.

I was very tired that night and we went to bed late and that’s when it

A man came knocking on the door and I woke up immediately, I was a
light sleeper. I could hear a lot of noise, voices calling. I got down
of the top bunk and opened the door.

“ Everyone get up put your clothes on, lifejackets on and go up on

People were shouting at the man. I went back into the room and woke up
father, he was grumpy, I told him what the man said. He told me to
wake Andy and Pete.

We got dressed quickly and Pete helped me put my lifejacket on. I
didn’t have time to flutter that he touched me; there was water
already on the floor. We went into the main room; there were lots of
people in the room.

As the time passed, more and more people crammed into the room. We
still weren’t allowed up on deck. They locked the door. There was lots
of pushing and lots of men were pushing at the door. Father went up to
help, he left me with Andy and Pete. I squeezed their hands, Pete
turned to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave my hand a
squeeze and he went to help the other men. I was left with Andy, but
he seemed distracted holding Emma’s hand tightly. Her eyes glistened,
they were blue and twinkled she hair one tear running down her cheek.

We looked up to see a man standing at the door.

“Women and Children on deck.”

Andy stood pulling me and Emma up with him, the door was opened and
all the men who were pushing at the door rushed forward as did
everyone else in the room. In a rush me and Andy lost contact, there
was much pushing and I couldn’t see. I fell to the ground in the
hurry. The next thing I knew they had closed the door again and a new
set of people were at the door. Pushing and shoving, I sat back down
and realised the water was rising.

I was scared, the tears kept flowing, I couldn’t see anyone I knew,
most of the people around me were strange men. I felt a hand on my
shoulder, It was Pete.

“I came back for my main girl.” He laughed. “You didn’t think I would
leave you behind did you?”

He wiped a tear away from my face. He pulled me towards him, placing
me on his lap. He started to tell me a joke about an Englishman,
Irishman and Scotsman when from the door heading to all the lower
class rooms, burst through water. It was thick and fast. I held onto
Pete, he kissed my forehead.

“Goodbye Cassie” he whispered.

The water hit us; it was icy cold and heavy. I sunk to the bottom of
the floor. Andy held my hand but we knew there was no way we could
survive. That’s the last I remember. The rest is a blur.

Where am I now? Good question. I have no idea. As I said my mind is
warped I have no sense of time. Because where I am now, every second
feels like a minute, every minute like an hour, every hour a day. Days
become years and who knows what year it is now. For the date and time
have no use when you’re just a spirit at the bottom of the ocean.

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