Advertising Standards

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Advertising Standards

The ASA is the independent, self-regulatory body for non-broadcast
advertisements, sales promotions and direct marketing in the UK. We
administer the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct
Marketing (The CAP Code) to ensure that advertisements are legal,
decent, honest and truthful.

CODE of advertising

All marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest and

All marketing communications should be prepared with a sense of

to consumers and to society.

All marketing communications should respect the principles of fair

generally accepted in business.

No marketing communication should bring advertising into disrepute.

Marketing communications must conform with the Code. Primary

for observing the Code falls on marketers. Others involved in
preparing and

publishing marketing communications such as agencies, publishers and

service suppliers also accept an obligation to abide by the Code.

Any unreasonable delay in responding to the ASA's enquiries may be

considered a breach of the Code.

The ASA and CAP will on request treat in confidence any genuinely
private or

secret material supplied unless the Courts or officials acting within

statutory powers compel its disclosure.

The Code is applied in the spirit as well as in the letter.

Business Stakeholders

Stakeholders are any group of people such as employees, suppliers,
customers and the local community, which have an interest in your

BOOK! Page 317

Pressure Groups

A pressure group is an organisation or group of people, which try to
influence important decisions. The group will try to create or stop a
certain outcome from happening, fighting for what they believe in.
Allot of pressure groups are concerned with the welfare of the Earth
and the environment, such as the World Wide Fund For Nature and Green

BOOK! Page 317

Trade Description Act - pages 190,319

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This act is designed to protect the buyer of goods. It attempts to
ensure that the description of the product forms part of the contract
made between the buyer and seller. It's a criminal offence for any
good or service to be described falsely.

Monopoly and mergers

This act is designed to determine whether any possible mergers or
monopolies should be allowed proceed. The act is there to protect
against monopolies using their power to charge excessive prices.
Charging very low prices to eliminate competition, then when
competition has been eliminated rising prices high again.


Marketing Penetration - 349

This is where a company expands market share in an existing market by
using existing products. This can be done in 4 main ways.

1. Persuade existing customers to buy more of the same product, this
can be done buy promotions such as 3 for 2. This make the customer
feel as if they are getting more for their money, and hopefully
could stop them from switching to alternative brands.

2. Attracting new customers to products. This can be done buy
improving the image of the product, new packaging, reducing price,
or buy giving a % extra free.

3. Poaching customers from competitors. Buy reducing price, giving
freebies, and a % extra free with the product. Doing this could
increase your market share and reduce your competitors.

4. Withdrawing other products. Buy withdrawing less profitable
products, similar products can become more profitable, and sell

New Product Development - 324-326

A new product may replace and old product, opens up a new market area,
or broadens an existing market.

There are 6 processes involved in the development of a new product:


To design and make a product there first needs to be an idea, whether
it's a update on an existing idea/product or a completely new concept.

Screening of Ideas

When you have got some good ideas, you then need to pick the best one
and reject the others. Seeing how well the product fits in with other
products within the range can do this. Seeing how unique the idea is
and how competitive it could be, and how much demand there is likely
to be, also helps the choice.

Marketing Analysis

Once the product has been decided on, more marketing analysis begins.
The market potential of the product need to be found. Doing this we
can see the market volume, how many units are likely to be sold, and
how much profit could be made.

Product Development

Now you have decided on the idea and found that it is viable to
produce, you must change the idea into an actual product. Make the
product using the materials and technology needed, looking at
packaging and branding also.


Test the product to make sure that it fully fulfils its intended
purpose. Use market research to identify whether the product is
attractive to its potential buyers, taking any comments, suggestions
into consideration.

Launch and commercialisation

Launching the product is the most important day, the public finally
get to see and purchase the product. TV adverts before and straight
after the launch are effective and grab peoples attention and make
them interested in your product.

Diversification - 326

Life cycle - 327

Boston Matrix - 329

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