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In this article I shall try to dissuade the reader of the popular scientific theory of evolution, through use of scientifically sound facts and some philosophical arguments using the Vedas.

The Vedas are a large body of philosophical and religious texts originating from ancient India, writ in Sanskrit verse they are some of the oldest texts ever written.

Darwin’s theory of evolution states that all life originated from one spontaneously created, self replicating, asexual, single celled, organism, which mutated over the course of millions of years to form the first vertebrate, that vertebrate mutated and changed in to every single organism alive today. This is highly implausible for several reasons.

First a quick explanation of entropy; entropy is a thermodynamic property that is a measure of energy that is not useful; it is also regularly used to combat the theory of evolution. It explains how order can never come out of disorder and that random order can never spontaneously be generated.

It is a scientific fact order can never come out of disorder; this is shown by looking at the second law of thermodynamics, entropy and negative entropy or “negentropy.” An example of how entropy is useful in disproving evolution can be done by dropping marbles in to a box and recording the results.
Marbles are simply dropped into the box. What arrangement of marbles would be the most likely to occur? A critical thing to understand is that all arrangements are equally likely. From a mathematical point of view you should be no more surprised to see one arrangement than to see a completely different one, yet while any arrangement is equal to show up from a mathematical point of view the number of outcomes that are disordered far ...

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...a. Evolutionists say that Creationists just follow God blindly, but I except Krishna, yet not blindly I follow a line of acaryas, a parampara (a line of gurus and disciples) learned scholars who have also accepted Krishna as the origin of everything. An argument frequently used against religion is that scripture could be changed misunderstood and made up, yet parampara means that the Guru passes down the meaning of the scripture so it cannot be misinterpreted and then the meaning has to be agreed on by his guru and council of monks at the time, this is used to make sure nothing is misunderstood and changed. Yet still Evolutionists believe everything arose from chance, yet once a man utters the word chance it means he has no absolute knowledge, no absolute truth.

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