The Value of Religion Essay

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The Value of Religion

In the essay, “Is Religion Bad or Good?” John Stahl reveals his thoughts on how religion is not necessarily good even though it is supposed to be. He points out five different religions including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Quaker as he gathers his opinion on each. Stahl lets it be known that no religion is really bad, yet they all have their own errors. He stops to say that in his opinion, “both Jews and Moslems should evolve their religious beliefs,” and that his reasons for this is that it is a solution to the warfare in the Middle East. He observes that the “perfect” religion consists of a single God for all, but that it leads to peace, joy, and love at the middle. Stahl, in the end, observes, “It really doesn’t matter whether it is your shoes or your hat that you take off (or put on) when you go to commune with God,” which I find extremely powerful. Basically what he is stating here is that God does not look for flaws on that outside, does not judge, and that all a God needs is you to know it is there and for you to believe it.
Religion is always beneficial. I also feel the value of religion is quite significant to every person as an individual. Along with that, I believe every religion is the same as long as you have a God or higher power to believe in and to help teach moral values. Stahl mentions, “Religion is the root of all evil,” thinking it causes majority of warfare while I feel the exact opposite. I believe it is good to have a belief of something bigger than you to be there encouraging you to do what is good, what is right. For example, my younger brother, Ashton, and I have gone to church ever since we were little. My family ended up adopting my youngest ...

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...believe in, in order to make a right decision. You can just as easily know in your conscience that what you are doing is wrong, but I am just claiming that it gives you an incentive when you think that someone or something might be disappointed with you if you go on doing so.
In conclusion, religion is not a bad thing; in truth it can be remarkably beneficial. Religion brings a base of encouragement to do the right thing and make good decisions. Also with religion comes a sense of comfort knowing that there is always someone or something there that you will always be able to rely on no matter the circumstances. It is always to know that someone or something else believes in you when no one, not even you can believe in yourself. Therefore, religion brings benefits.

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Stahl, John. “Is Religion Good or Bad?” June, 2006. Web. 29 Nov 2009.

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