Essay The Truman Show: The Dangers of Virtual Reality

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“There are people who view virtual reality with little enthusiasm and dismiss it as ‘science fiction, seeing it as having no practical application in the real world.” The term virtual reality basically means ‘near reality’. Virtual reality is meant to be very close to what actual reality is like. The Truman Show is a very good example of how virtual reality can be harmful to oneself. Although just a movie, The Truman Show warns of the formation of false relationships, the loss of identity and the self-imposed entrapment that comes with virtual reality.
“More and more people regard the virtual world as a place where they can establish and maintain safer, less demanding relationships on their own time.” (Brown) In a virtual reality though, everything is fake, including the relationships that are made. In The Truman Show, everyone in Truman’s world are actors. This means that all of the relationships that are apart of his life are fake.”As Truman looks back at the photo album, his eyes fall on a picture of his wedding day with Meryl. Looking closer, he sees that her fingers are crossed which implies that Meryl did not marry Truman truthfully.” (The Truman Show) In the movie, Truman realizes his marriage with Meryl is not real. His wife is not actually married to him and his mom is not even his actual birth mom. “The more real and satisfying these relationships can be made to seem, the more they will attract and hold people…” (Brown) The actors in Truman’s life do a very good job at making his relationships seem real. A friendship made in the virtual world isn’t the same as one made in the real world. The only human connection Truman makes is with Sylvia. She started to get real feelings for him and because of that, she was kicked o...

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... in a fake world because they could end up feeling trapped. What if you spend 90% of your time in your virtual reality rather than the real world? What if you get so immersed into your virtual reality that in your eyes, your worlds switch? The Truman Show warns of how virtual reality can become a negative influence in your life and consume you.

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