True Strength and Courage Are Gained through Hardships and Experiences Essay

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True Strength and Courage are gained through hardships and experiences….
Which situation would you rather be in, being raped and trying to find your rapist to put him to jail only to find out eleven years after that you got the wrong person or being that wrongly accused person to spend eleven years in jail for something that you didn’t do? Jennifer got raped while she was at her apartment and she tries to find and put that person in jail. Ronald is the person that is accused of the rape; little did Jennifer know that she had just put Ronald into jail for a crime that he did not commit. Eleven years was how long Ronald had to spend in jail until he finally proved he was innocent. Both Jennifer and Ronald had to have courage and strength in order to get through with the ordeal that they had. Jennifer’s struggle only lasted for a little bit, she had to through the rape, pinpoint the rapist, and try to ask Ronald for forgiveness. Ronald on the other hand had to spend eleven years in jail, forgive the person that put him in jail, and survive through all the challenges in prison. These reasons are why Ronald is stronger than Jennifer.
Eleven years of struggling in jail and trying to find ways to prove your innocence at the same time is no easy feat. Ronald managed to do this and was still able to move on with his life after the whole incident. All it took to turn his whole life around for the worse was just a simple point of a finger (39-40). Most people would lose their patience or just give up trying to prove their innocence, not Ronald Cotton. Ronald kept trying to find ways to prove that he is innocent; like asking to take the DNA test to prove his virtue. Eleven years of jail is not easy, Ronald had to deal with a lot of things li...

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...d still have the courage and strength to try and pinpoint the man that had raped you, but eleven years in jail and still manage to forgive the person that you put you in jail is an even harder torture to go through. Ronald had managed to spend eleven years in jail, forgive the person that put him in jail, and survive through all the challenges in prison. If I was Ronald, I would try my hardest to get revenge on the person that put me in jail. Forgiving Jennifer and not attempting to get any redemption from Jennifer makes him a very strong person. He can’t get back those eleven years that he had lost but he didn’t want to look back into the past and just face the future and make his life better than what he had hoped for. Strength is something that both Ronald and Jennifer definitely had, but Ronald hardships and ordeal just makes him a stronger person than Jennifer.

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