The True Meaning Behind The Green Lantern Essay

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Among all the movies I have watched, the one that caught my attention the most was Green Lantern. This is because of the metaphorical way in which it shows class struggle, the characteristics of the power given to the main character, the imagination, creativity and suspense shown in the movie and the maturation of the main character throughout the movie. My favorite movie, Green Lantern directed by Martin Campbell, is a Science fiction and action movie that shows the life of a human test plane pilot, Hal Jordan, who became a member of an Intergalactic police force called Green Lantern Intergalactic Corps after receiving a green ring from a dying non-human creature. The green ring he received, used his will as source of energy and allowed him to fight and defeat a dangerous foe called Parallax who wears a yellow ring that used fear as his source of energy. The analysis of this movie through a set of Marxist and Feminist analytical glasses will be done by using concepts such as patriarchy, other, values reinforced, hegemony and false consciousness. Although a feminist analysis of Green Lantern casts a negative light on the values of the movie, through a Marxist analysis, it remains my favorite movie.
From a feminist perspective, the movie supports the ideology of patriarchy. The power relationship that men put on women portrays men to be superior to women. The first woman appearing in the movie is voiceless and powerless and this emphasis the power struggle. She is abandoned in someone’s house and doesn’t even have the time to speak her mind. The low number of female characters in the movie also shows this power relationship. In all there are three women in the movie and two of them are given a name. Now even there, these two women...

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...n his fight and also that he used some physics law that was taught in school to fly towards the sun and push the enemy to burn in the sun, risking his own life to escape from the attraction force of that burning planet. He knew that if he failed, the earth would be destroyed and thinking about that gave him the strength to continue to fight and to find a way that would even threaten his own life. He was fighting to protect his loved ones.
Finally, Green Lantern remains my favorite movie because of the diverse combination of concepts that the movie portrays. This combination of concepts through Marxism and feminism analysis reinforces self-confidence, courage, responsibility, sense of duty, love, peace and harmony. Although a feminist analysis of Green Lantern casts a negative light on the values of the movie, through a Marxist analysis, it remains my favorite movie

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