Essay on Traditional Public Schools for Children K-12

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Traditional public schools for children k-12 were once a staple here in the United States of America. The traditional public schools paid for by American tax dollars provided American children a quality education. Parents used to be confident in the ability of public schools to educate their children, believing that their children would be thoroughly prepared for life. Over a period of time, the satisfaction level of parents with public schools started to decline. Public schools in certain areas of the United States have underachieved and became a disturbing trend. The vast majority of public schools follow the traditional school systems, even though there has been a rise in another school option such as charter schools that operate on a different set of guidelines when compared to traditional public schools. Some of these charter schools had experienced such success with their academic performance that charter schools have taken the nation by storm and have shaken up the debate as to how public schools should be operated. The academic accomplishments found these charter schools were great but that shouldn’t be the reason for converting all traditional schools into charter schools because not all charter schools excel in their academic performance, while there are an abundance of traditional schools that still perform above and par to established academic standards.
To assume that charter schools would resolve the problem for underperforming schools would be an irrational decision. According to a study done by the institute on race, and poverty, the study discovered that 61 percent of charter students in the twin cities charter schools located in Minnesota performed lower than the schools with the same poverty level, whi...

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...ifferent paths towards reaching that goal. There will never be a consensus on which school should be the school of choice but there should be quality education provided for all children. In order to achieve this goal there must be cooperation across all levels and in all environments.

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