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The thinking steps I took into making this piece were: While I was brainstorming ideas for my rough copy, I started coming up with thoughts and at first, I was going to just have the little girl sitting by her self in a really dirty, abandoned house and thinking why her parents abandoned her, but then I thought that it would be better if I just made two more people and put them on the street, it would make it more realistic. So, I started doing a rough, rough copy and from there the ideas really just flew into my mind. Then I made a coloured rough copy in my sketch book, and when I moved on to my good copy, I added some more ideas.

The key ideas that I tried to express through my art were that even though these people are homeless, they are strong. What I mean by that is I think that poverty is a strength builder, not physically, but mentally, in that it really strengthens people to survive and live in poverty with little or no complaints. It teaches them that no matter what the world throws at them, they will at least try to endure/overcome it. I mean, they really don’t have another choice anyway, because they can’t afford to take a plane to another country to flee from a hurricane or any other natural disaster or to go there to try to have a better life, but they stay where they are and hope for the best. Also, all the writing on the wall behind them are the thoughts that probably run through their heads every day, though they wouldn’t be written on the wall.

I used these elements and principles of design by: Well on the wall there are the people’s thoughts written in different “fonts” and writing is considered lines so, I used line to create different fonts so it would look like different people’s thoughts. (E.g. the ...

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...e reflection part of the project is also fine. I really am happy with the outcome of my project, and I like how all of my ideas look on canvas. I think that it is great that I could basically just do whatever I want to show poverty through my eyes. All in all, I think this was a great project and learning opportunity, because it really got “us”/ me thinking hard about what we/I think about poverty.

8. By making this project, I learned that it is easier if you don’t need to erase/write anything when working with canvas, because the texture of it makes it hard to erase things. Also, it is quite hard to draw small faces on canvas because the bumpiness of it makes it hard to draw detailed expressions or features. I learnt that if I really put my mind to it, I can think thoroughly about things that are happening around us. In this case it was about poverty.

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