The Gap Between Reading and Writing

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There are many forms of assessment but writing is the primary basis upon which a child’s work will be judged and Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) made emphasis that teachers should focus on writing because reading and writing are intertwined and is used to construct meaning (pg. 338). It becomes important for teachers to teach writing because it is a form of expression of self. We learned in earlier chapters that readers construct meaning as they read likewise Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) informed that writers construct meaning as they create text (pg. 338).
Fortunately, there are a numbers of strategies for children with reading and writing problems. I agree with Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) when they made mention to the fact that children tend to enjoy writing when writing is relevant to their own lives (pg. 341). Therefore I would implement independent writing to get my students instructing them to write about themselves in the area of family, food, culture, or music. At other times I would also allow them to choose their own topics. Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) referred to this strategy as an effective way to promote writing (pg. 341). Encouraging students to share their work builds self-esteem and give them confidence to want to write more. These activities also improve reading skills. They need to organize thought and think about the information they need to include in their writing. Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) advised that it is important to check if thoughts are communicated properly, are the thoughts in order and if grammar and punctuations are used effectively (pg. 343). I have seen students using the teachers’ writing as help for their own work therefore I would also use model writing to promote writing. Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) pointed out that as students get more knowledgeable they rely less on the teachers input (pg. 344).
To differentiate the connection of reading and writing first involves looking at the readiness and interest of students. The skill level and background information along with topics that will peak interests and increase motivation are essential to reading and writing. I would pay close attention to the topics I select for my students. I agree with Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) on their observation that students are more eager to write when they choose their own topic that is of interest to them.

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I would also remind students that when they first write it is a draft and they should just write what pops in their minds and should not worry about punctuation or spelling. Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) also made reference to this strategy of connecting reading and writing (pg. 341).
There are several ways to incorporate reading and one that I particularly enjoy is having students make prediction of what the story will be about. Later when the book is read I would go back and look at their writing to see if they were close to their predictions. Another way I would integrate reading and writing is to have my students predict the ending to a story or change the ending to a story. These strategies get students excited about reading because they are adding their writing to the story. While looking over chapter thirteen Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) call this strategy scripted stories (pg. 349). Children also love to write poetry and Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2010) mentioned that when they use poetry they are using their imagination which children love to do. Applying pre-reading and after reading activities greatly boost children reading and writing skills.

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