The Effects Of Video Game Violence On Human Aggression Essay

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Throughout a number of recent studies, participants playing violent video games have consistently shown increases in their aggressive behavior, both during and after the gameplay. A study that linked violent video games to child aggression found that in every group they tested, “Children who were exposed to more video game violence did become more aggressive over time than their peers who had less exposure” (Harding 1). An increase in aggressive behavior after playing violent video games is quite common in most cases, although many gamers would argue that other factors, such as people’s emotions, cause this negative change in behavior. This reveals numerous questions surrounding the effects that video game violence might have on a person. “Will a high degree of violent content in a video game mean that the frequent user will exhibit a greater degree of aggression and violent towards others in their daily lives?” (Janushewski & Truong 1). “Playing violent video games not only causes an increase in antisocial behavior but also leads to a decrease in prosocial behavior” (Greitemeyer, Osswald 212).
“Aggressive behavior is defined as intentional behavior produced to cause physical harm or humiliation to another person who wishes to avoid the harm (Baron & Richardson, 1994). Social science has come to understand aggression as mainly socially learned (Bandura, 1965; Bandura Ross, & Ross, 1961)” (Ferguson 70). “Anderson et al. (2010) found that video game violence can cause a significant increase in aggressive behavior in the short run, after playing a game once, and in the long run, after consistently playing” (Rowell 180). Increased behavioral aggression in the short run due to video game violence appears to be inevitable, ...

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