Technology And Its Harm To Future Generations Essay

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Technology And Its Harm To future Generations
Will the usage of computers in a classroom setting result in adverse effects on young future generations? No doubt, for years has this been an ongoing argument concerning the educational system. Because computer use is promoted in schools, and because computers are so ubiquitous, children have a great deal of exposure to them. Not everyone, however, is comfortable with the use of computers by young children. Educators, Professors, Parents, and School Board affiliates have each developed their own thoughts, opinions and concerns concerning this matter. Professor David Gelernter’s published article “Computers Cannot Teach Children Basic Skills” warrants concern of the use of computers in a classroom, additionally generating serious consideration to its possible adverse effects in the student’s academic learning. Although technology is said to aid a child’s academic learning, consequently it can cause great repercussion, moreover resulting in severe outcomes in safety, and social emotional development.
No doubt does Gelernter’s article “Computers Cannot Teach Children Basic Skills” raise substantial points, furthermore supporting his own thoughts and ideas in pertain to the use of computers in a classroom. Gelernter argues that schools have swung too far in the direction of technology and are introducing students to computers at a much earlier age than necessary. Gelernter points out that many students are growing too dependent upon computers and that this dependence has come at the expense of other important skills, such as literacy. The negative effects of the usage of Multimedia and Hypermedia in a classroom were an immense topic in Gelernter’s article. Because Multimedia and Hype...

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...nternet are fueling our strong and dynamic economy, However a computer is a tool, and as with any educational tool, it can be used to enhance the curriculum and promote learning, but it can also be misused and abused. Gelernter’s article predicted the adverse consequences with continued misuse of technology. Children depend on a beneficial and safe education, certainly it is the basis that gives them the tools necessary to strive and succeed in their future life. Of course computer literacy is important however it should not displace a solid education in the basics. Introducing computers at too young of an age can have a negative effect on a child’s safety and academic achievement. Indeed one who holds the power to make change on this growing concern should highly consider how much technology is adversely affecting a child’s safety and learning at such a young age.

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