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The concept of having a competition that displays physical ability has flourished in today’s society as sports have captured the interest of individuals around the world. They provide a source of entertainment, exercise, and learning. One can play sports as part of a team such as basketball, football, or soccer or simply as an individual in track and field, swimming, or golf. The Olympic games remains one of the most popular and anticipated events, involving global participation in several sports both popular and obscure. No matter the sport, it will ultimately captivate some audience as one doesn’t simply have to play to enjoy but can be just a fan as well. While the excitement of sports will always draw the crowd, they will also help to establish many positive qualities and character traits. Some people say that participation in sports provides an escape from the hardships of their lives and develop skills such as leadership. Others argue that sports are leading society away from what's really important like getting a real job and becoming a productive citizen. Ultimately, the quest for the status of “professional athlete” results in an individual totally dependent upon the sport and less able to function independently in society. Likewise, those who become obsessed fans can lose the ability to relate to a world which exists outside of sports, their entire identity wrapped up in the wins and losses of their team.
One feature of athletics is one’s ability to establish it as a career. Amateur athletes often strive for the title of “professional,” revealing hard work and determination within that chosen sport. This passion becomes a profession and dictates their lives. People seek to make a living for themselves. They want to be ...

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...he ability to fully relate to the outside world of sports. On the other hand sports are a good way of supplying physical activity which will assist in the prevention of obesity and other health condition from the result of lack of exercise. Also sports can serve as an escape route from lifes complications and augment leadership skills. Taking consideration into what sports do in terms of effecting character will help an individual think cautiously in how they approach this type of athletic competition.

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