Tea Crops Lead to Deforestation Essay

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Local land changes have left everlasting impacts on global commodities which contributes to the scrutiny of both the developing and developed nations. Although tea has fundamentally become one of the most sought after commodities not only here in North America; it has also sparked and gained a global desire as well. Conceived from the plant Camellia Sinensis and extracted from various countries throughout the world, we see the demand increasing by the day. This increase shows the importance and value in an escalating manner. On the other side of the curtain or behind the backs of consumers; some to the disarray may not be accustomed to or even brought to terms with land changing impacts? In fact, it’s quite interesting the average person how a simple commodity goes through such crucial impacts from the time it is produced until the time it reaches man at the table. Through the indulgences of Geographers, you will see how different studies have claimed various uses of land change that tea production goes through.
Tea production or extractions of Camellia Sinensis (tea plants) are often found in the inlands of Asia and Africa. One is able to delve in and discover what it is making this commodity so vital that is brings up in the concern to land use impacts. Having understood the meaning of a specific commodity both in terms of current or even potential land cover changes happening by the day impacting economic and social levels is very important. With over 1.42 million pounds of tea consumed daily in the United States alone, this commodity has yet to peak making its value an attainable level in the coming years as this is the second highest exported commodity in the world. Tea can be traced back to the ancient land...

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